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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 | 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Main parking lot at Visitors Center, Montour Preserve

Where The Walk Will End

Boat launch on east side of lake along Sportsman Rd

About This Walk

Dan Hyde, Chair of the Lewisburg Photography Club, will be leading a photowalk along the Goose Woods Trail in Montour Preserve.  Most of the trail is in the woods and should be cool. Part of the trail travels besides a small creek and then along the side of a neat pond with possible wildlife, e.g., herons, and pond lilies. Plenty of opportunity for nature photography. The trail is 0.9 miles long and very easy to walk.  By 7:45 pm, we return to our cars and drive to the boat launch on the east side of the lake along Sportsman Rd where we set up for shots of the sunset reflecting in the lake.  If we are lucky, people in canoes and fishing boats will be silhouetted in the sunset. We might see duck, geese and herons.  Directions to Montour Preserve as well as a map and descriptions are at

We start at the main parking lot of the Visitors Center.  We will begin the hike promptly at 7 pm.  Wear footwear for hiking and bring bug spray. For the sunset shots, you should bring your tripod and a lawn chair.  We will leave those in our cars while we hike.

    Daniel Hyde Walkers, 11 am Friday August 14, 2022 Please arrive at the main Montour Preserve parking lot BEFORE 7 pm on Saturday August 13. We will start the walk promptly at 7 pm. Since the Sun sets at 8:08 pm, we want to be at the boat launch on the eastern side of the lake by 7:45 pm for good views of the lake. The plan for the hike is to walk the Goose Woods Trail from the parking lot to the Environmental Pond (10 minute walk). At the pond we will see lots of lily pads with many blooms. Lots of dragon flies and frogs. We might see a Great Blue Heron and other birds. We plan to spend about twenty minutes shooting photos at the pond. At 7:30 pm, we return to the parking lot on the trail at far end of the pond. This part of the trail follows along a small creek (10 minute walk). At about 7:45 pm we hop in our cars and drive east on Preserve Road and after a short way we bear left onto Sportsman Road. We pass a pull off and turn left into the parking lot near the boat launch. If you arrive late after 7 pm, just try to catch up with us. Looks like great weather! Looking forward to the walk! Dan Hyde

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