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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 | 6:00pm - 8:30pm

Where We Will Meet

On the capital steps. Street parking is free after 5pm

Where The Walk Will End

The civic club is next to the river, Sunset is approx at 8

About This Walk

We are gonna take a stroll around the capitol building and work our way around the downtown area which will include some side streets and such. Ending the walk near the river which according to google sunset will be at 8 pm…We shall see how that goes. After the walk we can all head down to JB’s micropub for some grub and refreshments(21+) Make sure to dress comfortably and bring some water and any photo gear you want to use along the walk. I’ve been doing photography for 15+ years so if you are a newbie feel free to ask questions. Hopefully we get some other photo veterans to join in. Check out the photowalk website for more information and to check out the prizes for the best shots during the walk.

A few other things to mention.

1) Safety is the top priority for this event. We will remind everyone before the walk starts to be careful while they’re taking pictures. Each location is different and comes with its own dangers, Watch for traffic, don’t get too close to the edge, be aware of your surroundings, and so on. Keep an eye out for everyone during the walk as well.

2) The distance from beginning to end is less than a mile, We will be going around the capital and using side streets so it might be a mile total. Limber up.

3) Clear your memory cards and charge any batteries needed.

4) Welcome to bring models, props or anything you would like to use. Remember you will have to carry and be responsible for your own gear.

5) It’s early august, so hydration is important even though the walk is later in the day it may still be humid and hot.

6) Street parking is free after 5 pm so feel free to park near the start point or the end point.

7) The area we will be walking is relatively flat and there are sidewalks available.

8) If the weather doesn’t cooperate we will reschedule for the next day or next weekend.

9) Face masks are optional.

10) Have questions? Feel free to ask!

Check out the photowalk website for more information!


Photo contest rules.July 23rd, 2022

Photo Contest Rules.

In order for all walkers to have the same opportunities to capture images during the walk, the following rules must be followed:

1.You may only submit one photo
2.Collages aren’t allowed, as they are technically more than one photo. But, the following editing
is allowed (but not required):
3. Contrast & saturation adjustments.
4. Color to B&W transitions.
5. Removal of distracting elements.
6. Creation of HDR & Panoramas.
7. Infrared
8. Use of Plug-ins such as ON1, Boris FX, etc.
9. Adding watermarks.
10. Photos must be taken during the walk (not before or after)

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