Saturday, October 6th, 2018 | 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Where We Will Meet

At Gerhart's Machinery. Specific spot TBA soon!

Where The Walk Will End


About This Walk

Gerhart’s Machinery is an awesome place to photograph if you are into rusty old trucks and construction machinery. So many cool options for creative images! In addition, this particular day will be their annual All Mack Truck Event, which will include dozens if not hundreds of Mack trucks from all across the country. This is a unique and great opportunity to have some fun with fellow photographers and creatively capture colors, textures, shapes, patterns and more. Use your wide angle, macro, telephoto and anything in between!


Update: To everyone that attended the walk at Gerhart’s – the photo contest is now open! You will have from today, Monday through next Monday to enter your one favorite image. One member of our group will be a winner-so don’t miss out! Can’t wait to see the cool images each of you created during the WWPW.

Thanks! ~ Val

Due to the location and the nature of this event, I think it would be easiest for everyone to either bring a picnic lunch or purchase food at the event. Bring a chair and we’ll hang out together at the end and get to know one another, share other great places to photograph in the area and whatever else photographers love to chat about;)

I will be wearing a black World Wide Photo Walk T-shirt (as long as it arrives on time:)   Please consider purchasing one for yourself, as well. The proceeds from the shirt sales go to a great cause. Love being part of this! Can’t wait to meet you!

There is a giant red crane on the main drive up near the buildings. We will meet at the base of the crane. If for some reason they move the crane, meet at the door of the Gerhart building. Google maps should have no problem getting you there. Gerhart’s is off the main road be several hundred yards, between two corn fields. My assumption is that you won’t be able to miss it with all the Mack Trucks that will be there.

If you would like to see some images from when I was there last, check them out here:

Truth be told-these were all shot from my car on a rainy day, so imagine the greater variety being out and about!

I will post more details  as far as gear, etc. Stay tuned!

Photo Contest!!!October 12th, 2018

Hey everyone! Don’t forget to enter your best shot in the photo contest! Deadline is Monday! Odds are pretty high to be the winner for our group!!! You can find the link to enter up above under the “Prizes” link.

Thanks for coming out today!October 6th, 2018

Hey everyone, thanks for coming out today for the World Wide Photo Walk. I’m sorry we missed you at 3 O’clock. Really wanted to grab a fun group shot before everyone left. Hope you all had a fun time and got some great shots. For those who had never been there, and those who are not normally inclined to photographing rusty machinery-I hope you got some cool outside-of-your-box shots.
You are all eligible to enter the photo contest. We will have one winner from our group-so you have great odds of winning! Entry period begins on Monday the 8th and end the following Monday.
I haven’t received any info yet on how to enter. I will go in search of that by Monday and update you all then. I you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

  • nicksan Val, Sorry I wasn't able to be there for the group photo. Had a great time. Will check out my photos some time today. Will be checking your web page for upcoming photo shoots. Thanks, nick.

  • Valerie Hoffman Thanks for sending me a note Nick. I felt badly that I didn't get to see you at the end-or a few of the others. After the first few minutes, I lost site of everyone:( Glad you had a good time! And would love to see you again on a photo trek. Thanks for following my photography and events! Please sort through your images and pick your favorite and enter it in the contest!. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  • Valerie Hoffman Hey everyone! Last chance to enter the photo contest. Ends tomorrow! Pick your image. Click above on Prizes. Scroll to the bottom to enter contest. I know, its confusing. But you can do it! Can't wait to check out all the entries!!!

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