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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 | 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Where We Will Meet

At the Park Entrance

Where The Walk Will End

At the Park Entrance

About This Walk

This is a car show, run by the Boy Scouts, and as a benefit to them.  There will probably be a small entrance fee, per person.  It will be interesting to see the cars AND the people who come to see them.  This walk is primarily for the Carson City Photographers Club, but anyone is welcome to join.  If we decide there are other opportunities nearby, we may elect to extend the walk times to take advantage of them.

I have been a photographer since I was 15 (many decades ago) and am willing to share my knowledge of photography with any and all who want to join this walk – from beginners to “old” pros.  For this shoot, we want to focus (pardon the pun) on different perspectives about how to photograph a show like this.  We will be looking for unique angles, perceptions, and variety.  We are also interested in meeting new people who might consider joining our club.  We do field shooting excursions and meet once a month in Carson City, on the fourth Tuesday at 6 pm – the location is the Sheriff’s Office at 911 E. Musser Street.  We use the west door leading to the Ormsby Room there.

Unless it’s windy that day, I’ll be wearing a straw hat and a polo shirt with my logo, a colorful lens representation, and the letters MPI across the logo.  (I don’t do T-shirts – they choke me)

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