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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 | 4:45pm - 7:00pm

Where We Will Meet

group meets outside hennesseys, across from neonopolis

Where The Walk Will End

group meets outside hennesseys, across from neonopolis

About This Walk

this walk will take the group around and about the Fremont st area in glamourous Las Vegas. starting outside hennesseys tavern across the street from neonopolis parking. there is a giant glass of beer on display here, hard to miss.  the group will head west up Fremont street to the neon lit casino area and its gobs of people, local and foreign. there’s a lot to see and capture on Fremont and the many side streets and group members will be encouraged to explore. unfortunately the city has decided there’s no such thing as free parking and the best option is the neonopolis lot.

depending on the number of walkers, the group may be split into smaller groups of 5.


right now, the walk ends where it started, but if somewhere can be found for a post-walk meet-up, that will change.

it will still be summer, dress accordingly and bring water.

I will have maps of the general walk area.





Get Your Photos InAugust 26th, 2022

Today is the last day to submit your photos for the contest. Once I receive all the submissions, I will choose the best image to represent our group in the photo contest. Thank you all and have a great weekend.

    George Kozoriz I will be arriving from Canada on the 12th so I should make this photowalk.

    adam bucci hi everybody a couple of things I feel should be shared to make this walk as pleasant as possible. 1. equipment - there's really no need to bring every body, lens, flash or doohickey you own to this walk. I plan on bringing one body and one (maybe two if I go to a certain place), a spare battery and a small notebook in case I need to write about what I'm shooting. 2. water - bring a bottle of water. this walk will be taking place at possibly the warmest part of the day. there should be lots of shade, but this is a two hour walk and you need to stay hydrated. 3. safety - if you have a strap for your camera, use it by carrying your camera around your neck. makes it a lot harder to steal than if you're carrying it over your shoulder. also, if you wish to explore the alleyways and the murals I suggest you go with at least one other walker. if the group stays small, I do plan on walking some of the alleyways. and always look both ways when crossing any of the downtown streets.

    Anthony Donofrio I've never participated in a photo walk, so I am looking forward to this event. The extended forecast shows a high of only 93° but with a 40% chance of afternoon showers. Great weather if you ask me. See you next Saturday. If I bring a friend, do they need to register?

    George Kozoriz Thank you for the tips.

    adam bucci Anthony, if they are not participating, they don't have to register.

    adam bucci I will be creating a walk map this evening. if any of you are familiar with this part of vegas and think there's something we should see, please pass it on.


    Anthony Donofrio Thanks, Hennessey's will work too. I scouted the area yesterday to look for available parking. If anyone is interested, the El Cortez offers Free Parking if you are aged 55+. I am in that age group so I will be parking there. Other than that, I am looking forward to Saturday.

    adam bucci Hello everybody. I will not be able to lead the walk tomorrow due to a medical emergency. I can make one of you the substitute walk leader. It seems Anthony has already scouted the walk area and may be a natural for the position. If anybody would like to take over, please email me at I will get you set up. I can still administer the walk and pass on information regarding where to post photos and select a walker's photo for a prize (photos submitted are anonymous and I will have no idea who took the photo as I recall). I wastefully looking forward to this walk, it's been a few years since the last one. here's the spiel I was going to pass on before the walk: welcome to the Kelby worldwide photowalk. you and thousands of others have signed up to participate in photographing the world, and we are fortunate to have one of the more interesting places to shoot. I selected this area as to is a nice compact area to explore with lots of history, neon and most of all people fro\om all over in many shapes and sizes. do not be shy when photographing people, there is no law saying you cannot. if there is someone you think might make an interesting portrait go ahead and ask. 9 times out of ten you'll get a yes. ask also if they have an email address and if they'd like you could send what you took of them to them. the street performers do not like having their pictures taken unless you pay them - one year I has a 'showgirl' chase me demanding I pay her after I took a quick snap of her. she stopped chasing after 30 feet. there will be a band playing at one of the stages after 6:30. even pie, on your right as you walk towards Main Street has great pizza and sometimes live music in the back of it. well worth checking out. there are alleys to explore in the area, but if you would like to check those out while the group stays on Fremont I strongly suggest you go in a group of three, for safety. its easier to mug one person than three. while I'm speaking about safety, if you brought a camera bag wear it strapped across your body. cameras should have straps and those should be hanging from your neck. don't be afraid to wander away from Fremont street. on the north side, up 4th street you'll quite likely find lots of motorcycles outside of hogs and heifers. I chose this starting point because of its proximity to parking and neonopolis is an interesting place to explore. the nerd bar has an interesting 'riding' device as well as a small bowling alley. on the third level you can access a bridge across Fremont to the Hennessy's parking garage. you can get some great views of the streets below from up here.its a shame the zip line is where its at, that used to be a great view of Fremont street and the Fremont st experience. if time allows, you wander further east to the container park and its flame throwing ant. another benefit of meeting at hennesseys is its also the ending point, where food can be got for a post walk discussion, where you can share what you took. across from hennesseys if you not hungry is banger brewing, a great little brewpub. for me the best reason for this walk is to get like minded people to meet up and share a common interest. if you're a canon user you can chat with other canon users and so forth. one thing the walk leader, whoever that might be, has to do, is get a group shot. have fun everyone.

    Arnold Despi hey adam, i just saw this today and registered. if nothing comes up later tomorrow i will be walking. it's been quite a while and bummer you'll not be able to make it. i need to dust off my camera. :D

    George Kozoriz Hope I can find location if not I will take photo when on Fremont Street.

    Anthony Donofrio Hi Everyone, As you can see, Adam will not be attending the photo walk today. I have volunteered to lead today's photo walk. This will be a lot of fun exploring the downtown area. There are hundreds of sights to see with no shortage of photo opportunities. We will meet at Hennessey's Tavern at 4:45 p.m. Hennesseys is at the east end of the canopy that covers Fremont St. When we meet we can decide which direction we would like to go and what everyone's interests are. Thank you and we will see you in a couple of hours.

    Doria Bybee do we know how many people are on this walk

    adam bucci there are ten Doria. about right for a photowalk.

    adam bucci hi everybody. please go to to learn about entering the contests for this walk.

    Doria Bybee Adam, I can't seem to find where you can upload a file.

    Anthony Donofrio Doria, there should now be a "Contest" tab on the "Your Walk" page.

    Anthony Donofrio I uploaded my image but there was no indication it was indeed uploaded. If the photos are anonymous, how do I know it has been received?

    adam bucci Anthony - there is a tab for leaders contest. I need your email address (send to to have you made walk leader. only the walk leader can see the walker entries if memory serves me right. so send me your email address and we'll get you sorted out as walk leader.

    adam bucci anthony - i see nothing entered for the walker's contest from this group yet.

    Anthony Donofrio Hi Adam, Okay, I just sent you an email. I sent you one on August 13th but did not hear back from you. Maybe it went to your spam. Alright, I'll wait to hear back from you. Thanks.

    Anthony Donofrio Hello, I want to thank everyone who came out for the Kelby Photowalk last Saturday afternoon. I hope you had as much fun meeting, talking and taking photos with your fellow walkers as I did. It was a bit warm and muggy what with the humidity but the overcast sky made it bearable. After you get your photos sorted and edited, you can submit your favorite image to the photo competition by clicking on the "Contest" tab on the Your Walk page. You have until August 26th to submit your best image. We all look forward to seeing your pictures.

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