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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 | 9:00am - 11:00am

Where We Will Meet

Parking lot at The Crossings on the west side Park Square

Where The Walk Will End

Denny's at 114 Wolf Rd

About This Walk

Let’s welcome back the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk.  Been a couple of years since the last one (thank you Covid) and now it’s time to meet again.  One difference is that we are having it two months earlier to take advantage of the better weather.   This year I’ve chosen The Crossing in Colonie as our destination for the walk.   Situated in the heart of Colonie just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of Wolf Road, the 130-acre passive park features a pond, acres of meadows, marshy wetlands and extensive wooded and wildflower areas – all of which are connected by 6.5 miles of multiuse trails for walking, running, biking and in-line skating that wind across the natural landscape.   On the day of the walk, there is a Farmers Market which should give us many exciting things to photograph (and maybe purchase if you are so inclined).   Remember, no fee, and there is a photo contest as well.  See you there.

Don’t forget to upload your BEST image from the walk for the contest by August 26th.August 21st, 2022

Details below:

How to submit to your walk leader:

• Click “PHOTO WALK LOGIN” using the upper navigation bar.

• Click “YOUR WALK” on the upper navigation bar.

• Click on the “CONTEST” tab under the map on your walk page.

• Click on the “Choose File” button and upload your best photo (must be under 5mb)

For more details go to:

You can also view other entries in the gallery once you log in.

I hope everyone had a great time, I know I did. Always good to see old friends and make new ones on the walk. See you all next year.


Tomorrow is the day!August 12th, 2022

Just a reminder that we are meeting at 9am tomorrow. The weather looks to be pleasant in the mid-60’s and sunny. Some walk tips:

Don’t Forget to Wear Really Comfortable Shoes

You’ll be doing a lot of walking, so make sure you wear shoes that make your feet happy. Don’t forget sunscreen (or a raincoat, depending on the weather for your walk).

Charge your camera batteries tonight

Don’t forget to charge your camera batteries, clean your lenses, and make sure you’ve got an empty memory card and a backup.

Brings LOTS of water (and drink lots of water!)

This is key! You don’t want to dehydrate on your walk – you want to have 100% fun the whole time, so make sure you drink plenty of water before the walk, and during the walk – it makes a big difference in your enjoyment of the walk and your safety and well being.

The Most Important Thing Is… That You Stay Safe

Look out for each other on the walk. Don’t go into scary-looking areas, traipsing down deserted alleys, or anyplace that looks unsavory. Don’t get distracted by shooting – you don’t want to bump into or trip over anything.

And don’t forget that there is a contest. I’ll be picking the best image from the walk and submitting it to the walk’s competition. For more info on prizes check out I’ll send out more info on how to enter in a follow-up email after the walk.

See you tomorrow.


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