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Saturday, October 7th, 2023 | 8:00am - 11:00am

Where We Will Meet

Picnic table at the tip of the Cove nearest the Bridge Club

Where The Walk Will End

Meet at the restaurant for snacks, drinks and stories!

About This Walk

Hi folks – it’s time once again to hoist our cameras and enjoy the gorgeous and lively area around the La Jolla Cove. This is a fun walk!
We’ll start at the cove, which is a great place to photograph sea lions, swimmers, waves and rock outcroppings. We’ll move around the Cove and head to Children’s Pool for some additional majesty. There’s a nice beach there and hopefully the picturesque sea walk will be open.
From there, two paths emerge: (a) continue moving southward to hit the tidal pools or (b) head up into the charming village of La Jolla proper for ample street shooting. To round things off, we’ll have an early lunch at the venerable Jose’s Courtroom to swap stories, show off some photos and have some delicious food and drinks.
Tips: Dress for the weather and wear comfie walking shoes! As far as camera gear goes, you probably won’t need a tripod unless you plan to shoot some long exposures with ND filters. I usually bring my trusty 10-24mm wide-angle zoom for my Fuji X-T4 and might swap out for either a bigger zoom to capture the critters from afar or my stealthy 35mm if I’m going to do clandestine street shooting. 😉
I’ve led this walk several times and it’s always a blast, not only for the shooting aspect, but also the camaraderie! Hope to see you there!
If you have any questions, hit me up on the platform here or via email to: As we get closer, I’ll provide my mobile number for “day-of” questions.
Cheers, Kevin
PS: I also lead this walk each year in honor of my pal Bob Halligan (who formerly led it some years ago). Bob is no longer with us, and it’s a good way to reflect on the positive ways he impacted my life. 😉

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  1. Hi folks – glad to see you early walkers join in the fun. I’m looking forward to meeting you in about a month. Be sure to bring an appetite for Jose’s Courtroom if you plan to join us for lunch!

    If you have any questions or suggestions for the walk, don’t hesitate to contact me…

    Cheers! Kevin

  2. Welcome everyone! IF you’ve taken photos at La Jolla Cove before, please let me know your favorite spot! Thanks! Kevin

  3. Looking forward to seeing you all in about a week! I’m planning to do a “pre-run” on Sep 30 and will share any notes or deviations here in the discussion. Cheers, Kevin

  4. Hi folks – ok, next Saturday will rock! I pre-ran the walk on Saturday and have the following notes for you all:
    1. Underestimate the time it will take to find parking and get to our starting spot *at your peril* – this is always a tough place to find parking, but it’s especially so on weekends AND there is a festival going on in the village proper. I got lucky last Saturday at around 7:45am and found a spot just down the start of the Cove drive near where the swimmers head out. My advice would be to set your alarm early and try to arrive before 7:30am – I plan to get there around 7am and park closer to Children’s Pool (and walk back to our meeting spot).
    2. The LJ Art & Wine Festival will be taking place Fri-Sun of this weekend. This will be super-fun for any of you street shooters – there’s soooo much to see.
    3. On the Cove walk itself, closest to the ocean, there’s only one small spot of construction where the sidewalk it blocked for about 10 yards. Super simple to walk around.
    4. The sea lions were plentiful and vocal – ha!
    5. Weather should be perfect – high of 79° and low of 64°. High tide is at 7:17am and low tide will be at 11:45am. However, the difference between the two is less than a foot!

    Here are a few shots I took last Saturday, uploaded to my SlickPic gallery:

    Contact me if you have any questions! Otherwise, see you there next Saturday! Cheers, Kevin

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