In 2010, the once neglected Evergreen Brick Works has been transformed into a thriving demonstration space for knowledge-exchange and placemaking. Evergreen Brick Works is now a hub for learning and showcasing sustainable practices that also includes much of the green space surrounding the site. With surprises around every corner, this space is something different for everyone.
We will meet at 10 AM around the North side of the Central Parking lot. Please be aware there is a parking fee payable online using the Indigo app or at a parking meter on site. Given the Farmers Market activity on site, parking may be an issue at the Central lot so please explore the East and West lots for a spot. We will start our walk heading towards the The Frances and Tim Price Terrace, which will be also our end point after the walk, which will end at noon. I hope that the sun and the clouds will be gentle and just the right composition so everyone will enjoy this walk. Looking forward to share a story afterwards at the Cafe on site.
I am an amateur photographer and a huge nature fan – this is my 3rd Photowalk. Below is a link to the visitor map for your reference.

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  1. Hello walkers, we are a go for tomorrow! Looking forward to meet you at in the parking lot as indicated, please be on time, we start at 10 am. If needed, send a tweet to @SteveDiphigital.

  2. Hello walkers, thanks for coming out. It was great meeting you all and I hope everyone had a good time!

  3. All, just a gently reminder about the SUBMISSION DEADLINE | August 26, 2022 at 11:59pm ET. Have a great weekend!

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