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Saturday, October 7th, 2023 | 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Soleri Bridge and Plaza by the Pipe Structure

Where The Walk Will End

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams across from the Horse Fountain

About This Walk


We will meetup at 5:15pm leaving promptly at 5:30pm.

Back again by popular demand, is my Old Town Scottsdale Canal Walk at Twilight PhotoWalk stroll in the late afternoon light, extending into the golden hour and sunset. Together we will seek out a new route along the beautiful Arizona Canal where we will find creative compositions, explore ways to use filters, long exposures, HDR imaging, and panoramas. In addition, I will share my unique Herzography specialized techniques, found only on my YouTube Channel, Richard Herzog Photo, to assist beginners to pros in enhancing any composition from great to amazing.

Join me, as we go together to a place that will seem NEW again – Old Town Scottsdale.

We start at the 64-foot-tall steel pylons located at the Soleri Bridge and Plaza, to discuss alternate ways of composing and how to use your vision beyond what is in front of you. Our journey continues, as we cross over and onto the Arizona Canal Trail. This area is a cornucopia of photographic opportunities with its plethora of subjects including the monumental creation, “The Doors,” a kaleidoscope depicted by three 28-foot tall mirrored panels.

We wander along the canal, towards the Passing the Legacy bronze sculpture, which uniquely expresses the passing of the old to the new, and there we will find different ways you can creatively immortalize it. As we continue back over the canal, we will explore the magnificent canal vista, visit a negative edge pool and photograph a splashing stair-step water fountain using a variety of camera settings and filters.

Finally, in the golden hour and sunset tones of light, we will make our way to the Bronze Horse Fountain. Here we can discuss long to very long exposures and the use of neutral density filters that capture water and cloud movement, and how to do “light painting” (tripod required.)

We conclude with a lively discussion at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams across from the fountain. I am excited to share this amazing annual Worldwide Photowalk event with you.

Please visit my website for more information about me and my creative look at the beauty that surrounds us.

If you have any questions, ask me here or via email to:

Tips: Dress for the warm / hot weather and wear comfy walking shoes!

Thoughts on gear to bring
Lenses: I usually will bring either a 10-24mm wide-angle zoom or 16-55mm normal zoom for my Fuji X-T5 (APS-C) and might swap out that lens for a longer zoom to capture closeup details.

Tripod: Bring one if you plan to shoot some long exposures with ND filters or HDR images.

Filters: Polarizers and ND Neutral Density.

4 Responses

  1. Rich, This page says the walk starts at 6 pm. Your website says this walk starts at 5 pm. Which is correct? Looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks, Marcy

  2. Rich, Unfortunately, due to some medical issues, we won’t be able to make your walk tomorrow. 🙁 Sorry we won’t get to see you. Maybe next time. Marcy

  3. I apologize but I need to cancel my participation in the walk. I am not feeling up-to-snuff today. Have a good time, everyone,. Suzanne

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