Hello Everyone,

What a great time we had on the Photowalk.

Please email me with any questions and thoughts: richard@richardherzog.com or info@herzogimages.com.

I look forward to staying in touch and perhaps shooting with you again.

Warm regards,



I am a graduate of R.I.T. and have a BS in Graphic Arts and Photography. I have been in the photographic industry for over 35 years, as a professional photographer and representative of major photographic manufacturing companies. My landscape and commercial images have been displayed at photographic trade shows, shown on the cover of magazines, and I have had articles published in leading photographic publications. I also had a successful photographic studio in Scottsdale Arizona.
For the past 7 years, I have been a Photo Walk leader, in both Arizona and California. In this year’s Photo Walk, I will guide you around Old Town Scottsdale exploring many of the unique details and landmarks, concluding with a picturesque sunset at the Bronze Horse Fountain.

Bring your favorite camera, lens, and filters (I suggest a polarizer for taking images with window reflections and water.) If you would like to take long-exposure images of the fountain, be sure to bring your tripod!

I am happy to answer questions ranging from composition, panoramas, HDR images, macro, equipment etc.

I look forward to seeing you on August 13th!



Don’t forget to bring additional batteries, memory cards and water!


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  1. Was at the fountain couple minutes before 5.30pm. Tried to call and text lead to see if the group was in the area. No response. If cancelling, should send email or text to participants. It was over 100 degrees.

  2. Attending this walk later today. i’m looking forward to exploring this area, meeting and learning from fellow photographers. Who else is going?

    Kim 🙂

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