Saturday, October 6th, 2018 | 8:45am - 11:00am

Where We Will Meet

Meet at Evan Brothers Coffee

Where The Walk Will End

Meet at McDuff's Beer Hall (corner of Cedar & 3rd)

About This Walk

Plan is to meet up at Evans brothers and walk the streets of the town, capturing the essence of what is Sandpoint.  The walk will last 2hrs with everyone gathering at McDuff’s Beer Hall to share in their experiences of the day.

Check out this video about PhotowalksSeptember 11th, 2018

Deadlines and PrizesAugust 12th, 2018

Any questions about deadlines and prizes can be found in the “Prizes” tab at the top of your screen. Here is a link just in case.

Details Details Details- sorry this is a long oneAugust 10th, 2018

Yay! Thanks for joining the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk ® in Downtown Sandpoint. Plan is to meetup at Evans Brothers Coffee @ 0845. We will gather up for a GROUP PHOTO (something that is tradition for each walk) and go over some of the details of the walk. We will photograph, socialize, make new friends, win prizes (possibly), and be part of a great cause. The walk will officially start at 9 am and last until 11:00am where we will regather at Mc Duff’s Beer Hall located at the corner of 3rd and Cedar to discuss and share what we discovered during our walk. I will be available during the walk to answer questions, provide suggestions on things to photograph, etc.

Safety: Safety first. Be careful. Be aware of your surroundings. Sandpoint is a walking town but there also comes a responsibility of the pedestrian to walk responsibly. Physics. You will lose the battle between vehicle and you. Keep an eye out for other walkers as well.

Parking: I recommend parking in the free parking lot located at Main & 3rd ( across from Joel’s) and walking to Evan’s Brothers. Evans Brothers Coffee doesn’t have allot of parking and the Free Parking lot is closer to Mc Duff’s Brewhall where we will be finishing up.

After the walk: I’ve yet to be on a walk that actually reviews the photos at the walks end.
We have done a bit of “Chimping” but normally the walk leader has set up a Flicker page for people to share their images if they care to. Sometimes that helps people decide which image they want to submit for the contest. You can only submit one image to the Scott Kelby Photowalk page so you want to make sure it’s your best. As leader I get to choose the winner for our walk. Winner will receive a copy of Scott Kelby’s “The Photoshop CC Book for Digital Photographers E-Book” and will also be entered into the running for the Grand Prize. Scott is a great writer. His books were recommended to me when I started into digital photography. I often recommend them and those of his KelbyOne team to fellow photographers. Seriously I should get a commission. I have started a Flicker group “Worldwide Photowalk 2018 – Downtown Sandpoint” Link here: where you can upload your favorite 3-5 images if desired. This is a great place to get feedback from others which helps if you have trouble selecting your favorite image to submit to the contest.

Things to bring: Camera, (charge your batteries), Tripods (if you desire), umbrella (I have no idea what the weather will be like the day of), water, Sunscreen, layered clothing, etc.

Weather: It could rain or even snow. The only walk I’ve ever been a part of that didn’t happen was due to a Hurricane so…..all hurricanes aside the show will go on. Besides, crazy weather means the possibility of some great images.

What: Interesting architecture, street art, farmers market, splash pad (not sure if running in October), Solar “Dancefloor”, Cedar point bridge, Graffiti alley, antique shops, street pianos,
Sand Creek, Marinas, Fall colors, Train Depot, Panida Theater (if open) etc. Shadows, Reflections, details, Human element etc.

What if you get hungry? There is no food sales at McDuff’s. It’s a BYOF establishment. If you are going to want something to eat at the end please plan accordingly. I plan to order some Pizzas from “The Hound” which is along our walk of the town but I’m not sure how many walkers I’m going to have and I certainly can’t afford enough pizza for everyone if we max out at the 50 people allowance. That being said there are many restaurants available along the route to do the same if Pizza isn’t your thing. (Thai, Subs, Tacos, Pita Pit, McDuff’s (on 1st), etc etc etc).

About me: I received my first camera (instamatic) for Christmas when I was 9. I started shooting a Canon EX-Auto SLR (film) camera at 15 which served me well as yearbook photographer for my High School in the 80’s. In 2006 I picked up Photography again when I received my first Digital SLR. I’ve since attended 5 Scott Kelby Photowalks, three Adobe Photoshop Worlds, one Imaging USA, and one Wedding & Portrait Photographers International and received my AAS degree in Photographic Technologies from Pensacola State College in 2014. I have been awarded two Silver “Addie’s” for photography from the American Advertising Federation. I am currently using a Nikon D800 and have had several models of Nikon leading up to this one. Most Nikon Technical questions I can probably answer. Canon I may be able to figure out if given time and the manufacturers manual.

A flicker group to share and compareAugust 9th, 2018

Ok, I have to say this. I haven’t been in my Flicker account since college. Bad on me I know. Facebook keeps me busy enough but I decided since in past years this has been the go to place to share images from the walk that I would break down and make a group for us. This is not the place you will upload your contest submission but a place to share 3-5 images you really like but just can’t decide which to submit and would like others input. So please check it out and add yourself to the group and if you are like me write your logon and password down somewhere as you will most likely forget it down the road. So many passwords so little time.

Downtown Sandpoint WALKING ROUTEAugust 8th, 2018

Ok, just finished walking the area and have mapped out a great walk for you all so make sure you are wearing comforatble shoes as we have some ground to cover. I’d post an image but cant figure out how to do that yet. We are going to start at Evans Brothers Coffee. Some of you may want to venture out on your own and that’s ok. I totally understand and often get “in the zone” myself when out on photowalks. For those that want to follow the route we will start at Evan’s Brothers coffee and roll down Church Street towards town. We will be taking a left onto 4th and heading to the Farmers Market which should be in full swing by that time and have lots of things to photograph as well as a human element. You may be asked what the heck is going on with all the photographers. Great time to put your shameless plug in for the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk!!! Ok after the Market we will head down Main and turn left into “Grafitti Alley”. Be sure to look all around here. Up, down, behind you…you never know where the next photographic moment may be. I may even pull out some gear for off camera flash opporunites for those interested. Having a model would be awesome. Anyone have an outgoing teenager with a outlandish outfit we could photograph? Heck we may even be able to convince someone from the Market to join us. After the Alley we will head to the Cedar Street Bridge. Inside and out of the bridge are many opportunities for images. Sometimes there are rowers and kayakers depending on the water level that time of year. We will cross the creek and walk along Sand Creek towards Bridge Street. Depending on time there is a train depot just as you cross Cedar Street Bridge. Once we get to Bridge Street we will cross back across Sand Creek. I plan on stopping in the Hound and ordering some pizzas for McDuff’s Brewhall (its BYOF there ) then heading down to the Panida Theater to take a look around. I stopped in the Panida the other day and the caretaker said if they are open feel free to come on in. It’s pretty awesome in there. Mc Duff’s Brewhall is BYOF so if you plan on working up an appetite plan accordingly. Joel’s mexican also makes a kick ass taco. After the Panida we will move along down 1st Street to Cedar street which will take us to McDuff’s Brewhall.

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