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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 | 4:00pm - 6:30pm

Where We Will Meet

Casa Monica Hotel, (across from The Lightner)

Where The Walk Will End

Mojo Old City BBQ

About This Walk

***Just UPDATED this walk, check the DISCUSSION thread for details about where to park and where to meet (which is directly across from the Lightner)***

Hi, I’m Anna Marie and I am thrilled to be hosting a PhotoWalk in downtown Saint Augustine, FL! This is a MAGICAL city and downtown is alive with tourists and locals as they meander through cobblestone streets lined with hundred year old oak trees. There are so many elements to choose from as the city provides old doorways, windows and Spanish Style Architecture, some of which was built over 450 years ago. It has been described as ‘The Most Picturesque City in the Country’. It is one of the best places for Street Photography if this is your passion! In one corner you may run into a group of skateboarders, Pirates, horse drawn carriages and street trollies. Ghosts? Yeah… we have those too.

So who am I? I am a Florida native, born in Vero Beach and some time after that my family ended up in Miami. I grew up, moved away to college where I grew up some more and learned about important stuff like student loans and what not to say during a corporate interview. After taking the corporate world by storm, I decided to follow my dreams and become an entrepreneur and chose photography as my business. I broke the news to my father trepidatiously, a few months after he was diagnosed with ALS (I have always known how to pick my moments) and so he asked to see what I had been working on. As he silently viewed each one of my photos, he turned to look at me and said, “Anna Marie, Never Stop”.

So I didn’t. I’ve built a profitable business that is able to give back to our community by raising money for local charities. My father would be so proud.

I use Saint Augustine as my own personal studio. One of my favorite aspects about this city is that people are polite enough to not walk in frame! I’ve been hired by several ballerinas to take edgy, urban images of them leaping through the air in the middle of the street and this city never disappoints. I will be working with one of my models on that day for part of the walk so if there is anyone interested in learning how to capture a graceful moving target in a tutu, I am willing to share my techniques.

We will begin our Photo Walk at The Casa Monica Hotel (across from The Lightner) and end it about a mile North at the end of Saint George Street at Mojo’s. Challenge yourself to NOT spend all of your time in just one spot… or… if photojournalism is your passion, pick a corner and capture the energy and buzz from all the people that pass by. Saint Augustine is Kid Friendly so if you have a kiddo or two who have caught the photo bug, I encourage you to bring them. Kids have such a FANTASTIC perspective when they have a camera in hand.

We are going to have an exciting time as we learn from each other, explore and capture some GORGEOUS photos that will last you a lifetime. I can’t wait!

SUBMIT YOUR BEST PHOTO!August 14th, 2022

How to submit to your walk leader:

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• Click on the “CONTEST” tab under the map on your walk page.

• Click on the “Choose File” button and upload your best photo (must be under 5mb)

    Anna Marie Bolet Hello and Welcome! How are you gorgeous, fantastic photographers? We have 1 week to go and 21 Registered Walkers, I'd like to get a thread going. First thing's first, I need to confirm this bit of info from each of you: How many people are bringing family or friends to tag along? Please make sure those folks are also registered so that I can give a headcount to Mojo's. ***VERY IMPORTANT*** VERY IMPORTANT***VERY IMPORTANT***VERY IMPORTANT***MUY IMPORTANTE*** The Lightner Museum requires a PERMIT to photograph inside their walls, since we are a Medium sized group, with Large cameras, we may make Lightner staff worried, so....we will be meeting at The Casa Monica Hotel, INSIDE the lobby of the hotel. From there we will begin our walk. The Casa Monica is directly across from The Lightner. ***PARKING*** There is parking on the streets and there are also parking lots. Pay attention to the signs and make sure you are parking in Public Parking and not the Tow Away zones. In addition, parking is free AFTER 5pm so it's up to you if you want to overfeed the meter. ***WEATHER*** Y'all... it's HOT. Please, please make sure you hydrate before and during our walk. Downtown Saint Augustine has lots of shade and all the stores and venues have A/C. Keep in mind that some camera lenses will fog up when going from A/C to outdoors... bring a silk cloth to wipe your lens! ***IN CASE OF RAIN*** Wet cobblestone streets make for a cool effect in photos! Rain and cameras don't mix well. Bring a poncho and a couple of plastic bags to cover your camera. Any questions? Comments? Who's SUPER EXCITED???

    Robert Clark Thanks for the information, looking forward to the walk!

    Anna Marie Bolet Hi everyone! I ordered TETON Sports TrailRunner 2 Hydration Pack that contains a 2-Liter bladder from Amazon. They have them in stock to be delivered as early as tomorrow! It's lightweight and the water stays cool.

    Anna Marie Bolet Please DO NOT go to the Lightner Museum. We will be meeting across from it at The Casa Monica Hotel, INSIDE THE LOBBY!!

    Paula J Griffin Looking forward to the walk Paula J Griffin

    Julius Dean Weather report for Saturday afternoon is 79* with 25-35% chance of rain and thunderstorms. Will come prepared.

    Ed Gallagher Sorry, but I have to cancel.

    Ed Pflager Hi Anna Marie, In answer to your question - I am coming by myself.

    Mike Bruce Looking forward to this!

    Mike Bruce Anna Marie, my wife Qi will join the walk with me. I didn't register her, but plus one for your headcount.

    Anna Marie Bolet Friendly reminders: 1. Charge your BATTERIES! 2. Clean your lens(es) 3. FORMAT your memory cards 4. Watch for Tow Away Zone and Park in PUBLIC PARKING ***Meet at CASA MONICA HOTEL in Lobby***

    Robert Clark I will be coming by myself so one for your head count.

    Kyra Lieberman So excited for this event today, thanks for all the info and reminders here! :)

    Bob Fellenz I planned to be there, but unexpected events got in the way.

    Robert Betchel Thank you so much Anna for putting together this wonderful walk. The dancers were such fun to photograph, and it was energizing to be around so many fellow photographers. Anyone wanting to view my top shots can see them at

    Anna Marie Bolet Hi Robert, thanks for participating! The link you provided is unaccessible. Please submit your best image... I know, tough to choose, using the instructions I just sent in an update. Cheers!

    Glo MacDonald So sorry to have missed it, we had family coming to town that morning and their travels got delayed with car issues and ended up getting here in the later afternoon, so we had to stick around to meet them. Next year!

    Mike Bruce There is no "Contest" tab. How can we submit a photo?

    Anna Marie Bolet Hi Mike, I've emailed the support team to get an update on that. As soon as I know something, I will make another update. Really looking forward to everyone's images! So keep checking back in, we'll have an answer soon. Thank you.

    Anna Marie Bolet Okay here are IMPORTANT DATES regarding your Submissions:IMPORTANT DATES: OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS | August 15, 2022 SUBMISSION DEADLINE | August 26, 2022 at 11:59pm ET LEADER SELECT WINNER DEADLINE | Sept 2, 2022 at 11:59pm ET

    Robert Clark I had an absolutely wonderful time! Thank you for taking the time to organize and lead the walk, very much appreciated.


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