We will photograph at many locations all within a 3 block radius of our starting point. Expect to photograph architecture, monuments, street photography, outdoor portraiture, close-up and abstract photos with an emphasis on originality and creativity. You may even become a model in one of the pictures so dress the way you would like to look. You should be able to walk up to 1.5 miles, very leisurely, during the hour and one half. Tripods are acceptable but in the interest of time they will not be useful for most of our shots. Any camera, including smartphones will work for this fun time! While I am mostly a landscape photographer, I enjoy being creative for my fun shoots.

You might get more out of the walk it you complete this form prior to Saturday: (copy and paste into your browser): https://www.robstrain.com/pre-session-form

If you are coming with a single lens, something like a zoom lens 24-70 full frame or 18-55 cropped sensor might give you the most flexibility, but feel free to bring your favorite. If you are coming with a smartphone only, that is still good!

Those interested may wish to stick around for coffee and socializing at a nearby spot afterwards.


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  1. So far only two walkers have submitted photos to the contest. Please don’t forget to get your images in!

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