Saturday, October 6th, 2018 | 10:00am - 12:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Parking lot near the Slippery pig Brewery

Where The Walk Will End

Parking lot near the Slippery Pig Brewery

About This Walk

Hello all my name is Steve Scott and I will be leading this photowalk in Poulsbo and hope you join us for a fun day.

We will start out from the Slippery Pig parking lot walking up front St  looking at all the shops and street life. we will turn left in front of the maritime museaum and head into Liberty Bay Waterfront park and explore the park and marina ending at the parking lot where we started. the whole path is about .4 miles and is mostly flat and an easy walk.  We can explore other areas as the group decides. After the walk we can decide if we would like to meet for lunch maybe at the  thats a some italian restorante or another near by place. the walk its self isnt long so we should have plenty of time to take photos along the way.

For a bigger photo of the route right click the photo into a new window.



Contest tab is upOctober 8th, 2018

Hey everyone hope your having fun going through your images. The contest tab is up on the walk page so dont forget to submit. The file size is not to exceed 5 MB JPEG

Tanks for attendingOctober 6th, 2018

Hello every one I just would like to thank everyone for attending we had great weather. I hope everyone had a great time.

  • sescott69 Hello all Looking forward to the walk next week up we have decent weather.

  • sescott69 Well tomorrow is the day and looks like we may have deceint weather.

  • Jo Emerald Thanks for setting up this walk Steve! I don't see anything in the rules about what file size they want us to upload. There isn't anything in the rules or the FAQ regarding what file size/ resolution they want on Monday. Help... Thanks in advance.

    • sescott69 I am thinking if there is a limit it will be posted when you have access to upload. I checked the rules I had from last year and it doesn't say anything about file size so we will find out when its time to upload.

      • sescott69 The contest tab is up and the file size is 5 MB JPEG

        • Jo Emerald Thanks!

  • Jo Emerald Hi Steve! Have you decided which photo to submit yet? Will you post on this so we'll all know? Thanks!

    • sescott69 I picked the photo but it wont allow me to do anything with the photo. And now the contest page is gone now. The photo that was selected was a black and white photo of a dingy.

  • I see that they have posted the winners for the camera portion of the contest, but I don’t see the cell phone entries or the leaders entries. Am I missing something? Also, weren’t they supposed to announce the winners by now?

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