Normally these walks are 2 hours but because Carmel tends to get busy late morning we will start at 8:00am. we will all meet back at Devendorf at 11:30am prior to going to lunch. If you want to start later than 8:00am that’s  fine also. We will walk down Ocean Avenue to the beach and circle back through the many quaint streets with the unique architecture and gardens.There is 2 hour parking in downtown Carmel. Parking is available behind the police station 3rd and Tires plus at the Sunset Center 8th and San Carlos. Parking is also available on the side streets without the 2 hour limits.

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  1. Hi – just checking in for the walk tomorrow. Are there any other instructions – I am coming from the South Bay so just wanted to make sure I knew them before coming all the way. Looking forward to it.

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