Saturday, October 5th, 2019 | 8:30am - 12:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Meet on the north side of the Post Office

Where The Walk Will End

Meet back at the Post Office

About This Walk

Tour Lethbridge’s downtown area and explore the rich heritage that this beautiful city has to offer.  Take in the amazing work that has been done to upgrade and restore some of the buildings.  Observe the diverse people in the area and capture some amazing images of people interacting in the downtown core.  Spend some time capturing the colours of fall in Gault Gardens and throughout the streets and avenues of downtown.

Join Tom Buchanan and Nicole Arvay on an informative walk around our city and share their experiences in photography.  Tom has been a professional photographer since 2002 and owns Tom Buchanan Photographics in downtown Lethbridge.  Tom has taught photographic technique for over a decade in Southern Alberta and is a member of the PPOC and the PPA as well as the Lethbridge Photography Club.  Nicole Arvay is a professional photographer and printing specialist who works for L.A. Gallery 2.0 in downtown Lethbridge and has been in the photography business for decades.  She has a diploma 2002 Applied Photography at SIAST in Regina, Saskatchewan. Hothouse Studios Photography & Recording.  Both Tom’s and Nicole’s  experience and unique outlook on fine art photography will be valuable in getting those award winning shots of our great city and then submit them for the tremendous prizes that are offered this year by the Kelby World Wide Photo Walk.  After the walk we will be going over to Streatside Eatery to have talk photography and have some lunch if you want.  See you there.

Join Walk

    Thomas Buchanan Wow, less than two weeks till the photo walk takes place and I'm excited to spend some time with you all. Encourage your friends to get involved in this great event and rub shoulders with some new ones along the way.

    Thomas Buchanan So record snowfall over this weekend. The weather forecast shows that it is supposed to be +8 C on Photo Walk Saturday. The snow will be mostly gone by then, but even if some is still around, that makes for great subject matter. Bring warm clothes regardless and a variety of lenses if you have them, but don't let that stop you if you don't. This is going to be fun.

    Thomas Buchanan The one thing that I have found is the single biggest problem with students when I take them out on a field trip is they forget how to use their camera. Read your manual and get some practice before you go out shooting. Read it three times if you have to so that you know the basic functions. The second most common thing is batteries go dead so for heaven's sake have charged and extra batteries and memory cards with you too. See you Saturday.

    Thomas Buchanan Hey there, just three more sleeps till the photo walk. Once thing I wanted to pass on is after the walk it is customary to go to a restaurant and have a bite and talk about our experiences. I have arranged with Steve Oseen at Streatside Eatery on 8th Street just around the corner from the post office and he is setting up an area for us get together. He will have a soup and sandwich special for us available. You don't want to miss this chance to visit with your fellow photographers. See you Saturday morning at 8:30 at the post office.

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