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Saturday, October 7th, 2023 | 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Where We Will Meet

We will meet at the west end of the main parking lot.

Where The Walk Will End

Meet back at the parking lot then on to the restuarant.

About This Walk

Join us for a picturesque adventure, photographing and exploring Fort Wilkins, a restored 1844 army military outpost, which includes a quarter-mile of rocky Lake Superior shoreline with views of the Copper Harbor lighthouse, hiking trails along Lake Fanny Hooe, and a quarter-mile of sandy beach on Lake Manganese.  This location offers many photo opportunities including historic buildings, autumn northwoods and Lake Superior landscapes, mountain biking, natural resources, and wildlife.

Please Note: A State of Michigan Recreation Passport is required to access Fort Wilkins State Park with a vehicle. Each participant is responsible for acquiring their own recreational passport. The Recreation Passport is required for all Michigan state parks, trails, historic sites, boat launches, harbors, and more. Visit for more details and to purchase.


  1. Be sure to dress appropriately.  Weather conditions in Copper Harbor in early autumn can be quite variable. We would recommend that you dress in layers so you are ready for both warm and cool conditions.
  2. This walk will only be cancelled due to thunderstorms but if that happens, an update will be sent out to all registered participants.
  3. Cellphone service in the Copper Harbor area is low to non-existent.

Following the walk, participants are welcome to gather at a local restaurant (TBD) to discuss the day and to network/socialize with other photographers.

Information and Tips for Copper Harbor an Fort WilkinsOctober 6th, 2023

Hello everyone,

Let me begin by first saying “thank you” for signing up for the Copper Harbor and Fort Wilkins State Historical Park Photo Walk. While I have participated in past walks, this is the first that I have organized one. So, I am thrilled that you are interested in doing little bit of social photography.

I checked the weather a short while ago and the rain is supposed to be continuing through tonight and into the morning…but it is supposed to clear off in Copper Harbor well before we are arrive. The forecast calls for winds, which could reach 30-40 mph. Depending on wind direction, that could provide some interesting waves for shoreline landscape photos.

All-in-all, it will likely be cold, windy, and damp….which is not uncommon for this region during October and November. If there is one thing I have learned over the years living in the UP is that if you don’t have too high of expectations for weather conditions, it lowers the chance of being disappointed with what you get. Given that he region’s weather patterns are strongly influenced by Lake Superior, weather forecasts often don’t quite getting it right for the upper Keweenaw. My suggestion to you would be “expect the unexpected” and dress in layers (a synthetic/wool base layer, an insulating layer, and wind or water resistant shell), have a warm hat, warm socks, and maybe gloves available, and be sure to wear water-resistant shoes/boots. Additionally – avoid cotton clothes as much as possible, if cotton gets wet, it loses its ability to insulate.

I think we will be in Copper Harbor during some good fall colors, though I haven’t been up there yet this week to see for myself. In any case, given that we will be shooting during the later part of the afternoon, the light should be quite nice.

All the photo walks I have been on have been very freeform in their format. We all have our interests in photography, so people can choose to stay together as a group or come and go as they please for investigating other spaces around Copper Harbor. My plan is to arrive a bit early in the area and scout a few locations so I can provide suggestions for people who may want to venture away from the State Park.

Afterward, anyone who would like to reconvene at one of the local restaurants is welcome to join us and socialize a little before ending the evening. I am going to check with the Lake Effect Bar and Grill to see if they will be open and able to accommodate us shortly after 5. If they are not available, we will meet at the Mariner North. I will be able to provide more specifics tomorrow at the beginning of the walk.

Again, I thank you very much for signing up for this activity. I look forward to meeting you.

See you at 3pm (or shortly beforehand) in the Fort Wilkins visitor parking lot.


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