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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 | 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Where We Will Meet

We will meet in front of Magasin du Nord main entrance

Where The Walk Will End

We will have the opportunity to have a cup of coffee/tea

About This Walk

Worldwide Photowalk - Copenhagen 2022

The route for this years walk will be similar to our walk from 2014, except it will be slightly more casual and free. You basically get to chose your own route from our starting point in front of Magasin du Nord at Kongens Nytorv to Rådhuspladsen. I suggest you don’t simply follow the pedestrian street “Strøget” but pick adjacent streets parallel to Strøget, and make your way up to Rådhuspladsen. Here is our first and only gathering point for this walk. We will be waiting here for 15 minutes to let everyone catch up. Should you find yourself behind, please do your best to catch up, so we are all together at 15:15 pm. We intend to leave Rådhuspladsen no later than 15:30 pm, and will continue for the second stage of our walk.

For the second stage of the walk we will be walking down Vester Voldgade towards Stormgade, where we will make a right at Frederiksholms Kanal. We will then cross the bridge at the end of Ny Vestergade and enter Christiansborg Castle. We will go to Rigsdagsgården, and go through the Royal Library Garden and end at The Royal Library (The Black Diamond).

Map for Worldwide Photowalk - Copenhagen 2022

After our walk it will be possible to get a cup of coffee or tea and perhaps a snack while we sit outside at the Copenhagen Harbour Canal, talking and maybe share a few of the photographs we made during the walk.

As always PLEASE be mindfull of traffic as we make our way through Copenhagen.

If you would like to print out the map as well as the walk notes for this years Photowalk, here is a link to a downloadable PDF with all the information.

Also – please join us at our dedicated Facebook Group for sharing images and further connecting with your fellow walkers:

I am looking forward to seeing you.

With best regards

Henrik Delfer

    Henrik Delfer Walk description updated with map and downloadable handout. We still have a few spots left on the roster, so please share and invite your friends :-) Best regards Henrik Delfer

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