Saturday, October 5th, 2019 | 2:30pm - 5:00pm

Where We Will Meet

The steps of Library at 95 Harbor Rd, Cold Spring Harbor

Where The Walk Will End


About This Walk

Back by popular demand!  This is my 3rd time offering this walk through scenic Cold Spring Harbor

We’ll start our walk on the steps out in front of the Cold Spring Harbor Library (or in their lobby if it’s raining).  PLEASE TRY TO PARK in the lot for Cold Spring Harbor State Park next to the library so the library’s lot is kept open for its patrons!

We’ll wind our way through the streets full of historic buildings and enjoy the lovely, quaint shops along the main road through town.

The library is gorgeous inside and is a great spot from which to take in scenic overlooks of the harbor and the campus of the colorful, unusual buildings of Cold Spring Laboratory across the water.  If we’re lucky, we’ll have lovely fall foliage to add to the colors.    Those so inclined can walk the steep trails of Cold Spring Harbor State Park, next to the library.  There’s also a Whaling Museum up the road – check your library for free passes and reserve in advance for that if interested.

Weather permitting, we’ll drive south to is the stately St. John’s Church and the pond next to it, full of waterfowl and sometimes Bald Eagles!

We’ll finish up with a self-tour around the grounds campus of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory at 1 Bungtown Road, short drive from St. John’s Church and on the opposite side of the street.  BE CAUTIOUS when you make the turn onto 25A as the traffic moves quickly there!  The campus has very unique architecture, grounds and sculptures relating to genetics and science.   IMPORTANT NOTE: the insides of their buildings cannot be included in our walk as they are not open to the public for security reasons.

It is highly recommended that people review a map of campus to help find your way around.  One can be found at

Please check back as it gets closer in case weather causes us to alter the sequence of things.  It’s rain or shine, and there’s plenty to see indoors in the shops.

To stay in touch with others from the walk and share/enjoy others’ photos, join our group on FB:  Also, please share your email address and cell phone number and name with me at in case there is a need for last minute changes to our walk due to weather.  Put photowalk in the subject line.

What to Wear & Bring

  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, appropriate for the weather.
  • Travel light! Tripods and monopods are optional.
  • Stick to lighter weight cameras and lenses to make the 2 hour walk more enjoyable.  Cell phone cameras and camcorders are also welcome.
  • Bring rain gear for yourself and something to protect your camera in case of rain.
  • Don’t forget to fully charge your batteries, clear your memory cards and bring extras for the walk, along with a lens cloth.


Join Walk

Congratulations to our Walk Winner: Robin Fisher!October 18th, 2019

Thank you to everyone who walked with me and a double thanks to those who entered our contest! Our walk winner this year is Robin Fisher! Congratulations to her on her stunning photo, which will go on to compete for prizes at the worldwide level! Let’s all wish her luck!
You can view the photo and all of the submissions from the others on our walk page.
Once again, here is the link to our group on Facebook. I hope you all join it and share your lovely photos there!

Contest Deadline and Offical Walk PosterOctober 14th, 2019

Here’s a quick reminder: TODAY, Oct 14, 2019 is the deadline for entering the official WWPW contest. There will be a prize for the winning image, which will go on to compete at the GLOBAL level! Also, I just added our official photo to the group. Enjoy and good luck! Oh, and one last request- would each of you entering the contest please email your entries to me at and/ or post them on our Facebook group? Thanks in advance!

Don’t be a stranger now that the walk is over…Join us on Facebook!October 11th, 2019

I see many in our walk who have joined our group on Facebook. It’s a great way to share photos from the walk, as well as get to know many other photographers of all levels from the Long Island area. It’s free, and all of you are welcome! Here’s the link:

If you submitted a photo to our contest, feel free to post it there. The deadline for the contest is Monday, Oct 14. Good luck!

The contests are open! Please submit your entries by Monday, Oct 14!October 9th, 2019

Thanks to all of you who shared time with our nice group of photowalkers this past Saturday in Cold Spring Harbor. I hope everyone who participated will enter the free contest from Scott Kelby. To do so, click on the contest tab and upload your best walk photos. There is a contest for photos taken with a camera and also one for mobile phone shots. You can enter both! Please remember to do so by the deadline, Monday Oct 14. If your photos are over 5MB, you’ll need to find a way to compress or crop them so they can be accepted by the Kelby website.

The winners from each walk will go on to compete at the world wide level! For details on the prizes, click on “Prizes” on the menu line at the top of the screen for this site. Good luck to everyone!

Some highlights of area and their addresses and directionsOctober 4th, 2019

Cold Spring Harbor Attractions
Cold Spring Harbor Library 95 Harbor Rd
Say La Vie Boutique 75 Main St
CSHFD Museum 84 Main St
Kellogg’s Dolls’ Houses 29 Main St
The Gourmet Whaler 103 Main St
A drive from library:
The Whaling Museum 301 Main St – drive north from downtown
Shore Rd Sanctuary 95 Shore Rd – turn onto shore from Main Street
Cold Spring Harbor Beach Club 101 Shore Rd
Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery & Aquarium 1660 NY-25A – go south on Main, right on 25A, left into lot
St. John’s Church 1670 NY-25A – behind Fish Hatchery
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 1 Bungtown Rd – W on 25A
Uplands Farm Sanctuary 250 Lawrence Hill Rd – east of Main Street

Some more last minute details and legalese for our walkOctober 4th, 2019

Some last minute words of caution / reminders for our walk:
By participating in our walk, you agree to hold the leader harmless of any intentional or accidental damage that may result to yourself, your belongings and others. You also agree to follow all laws and rules in effect for anyplace you visit, respecting the privacy of those who do not want their photo taken. You must not enter any private property without the express, advance permission of the owner(s). Please watch where you are going at all times, to avoid injury to yourself and others! The cars go by very quickly on the main roads. If you do not wish to be in a photo, it is up to you to make their intentions known to the other photographers.

Some of the areas, particularly the wooded ones by the preserves, may have ticks and other insects. It is suggested you wear appropriate clothing, outerwear and footgear and bring bug repellent, sunscreen, chapstick and sunglasses / caps to protect against the elements. The weather forecast says it’s likely to be in the high 50s for our walk.

Bring a cellphone to help you stay in touch with others and to keep track of the time. I will give out my cellphone at the walk itself to those interested. Please sign our sheet with your contact information so you can be reached if need be during the walk.

You will find it helpful to look at a google map of the area and visit any websites of places you may visit. Print out the maps that are of interest to you.

We will be visiting several of the the stores and other venues in town along Main Street. Please always permission before taking any photos while inside and respect the wishes of the store owners and staff and other customers.

While I have not mentioned every place to photograph in Cold Spring, you may enjoy breaking away from the group and exploring the beautiful area along Shore Road. To go there, make the first left turn that is north of the Library.
The roads that wind through the campus of Cold Spring Harbor Labs can be more easily navigated if you have a look at the map and bring one with you. Be mindful of one way streets and pedestrians at all times and do not attempt to enter any of their buildings.

Let’s have fun and enjoy meeting others and learning from one another while putting our photography skills to use!

Places of interest in Cold Spring Harbor in addition to the downtown area and Cold Spring Harbor LaboratoriesOctober 4th, 2019

Our walk will begin on the steps of the library in Cold Spring Harbor. From there, people are invited to take their photos anywhere that’s open to the public in Cold Spring Harbor. While many will travel down main street, we can also visit some of the area’s attractions. This is largely a self-guided photowalk to allow people to choose where they wish to photograph within that town. You are welcome to use your car to cover more ground. All photos for the contest MUST be taken within the 2 hour window (3-5pm that day, unless circumstances change the start time).
Some places of interest:
– Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum 301 Main Street (north of the shops in the business district).
– Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery & Aquarium, 1660 Route 25A
There are modest admission charges to the Museum and Hatchery. Check your local library for the availability of free passes..
– St. John’s Pond Preserve is behind the Fish Hatchery and provides scenic views of nature and a lovely church by the pond
– Uplands Farm Sanctuary may also be of interest – it’s a short drive from the downtown area: 250 Lawrence Hill Rd Here is their trail map:
– Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories 1 Bungtown Rd – outdoors only! Beautiful grounds, gardens, sculptures and views of the harbor

Our walk is Saturday – Can’t wait to see all of you!October 3rd, 2019

A quick reminder that our Photowalk through Cold Spring Harbor and Labs will be happening on Saturday. Please be there for our 2:30 photo of the group, but if you come later, you’re still welcome to participate, as long as your photos are taken between 3-5 pm that day in that locale.
Don’t forget to clear your memory cards, charge your batteries, and bring whatever equipment you think you’d need. Even something as basic as a cellphone camera can be used, so charge that, too!
Best bet is to travel light. Though we will be using our cars to cover more territory, you’d be surprised how much easier it is to get around when not bogged down with heavy gear.
We’ll meet on the steps of the Library but please park next door by the Cold Spring Harbor trailhead lot, just north of the Library.

If your RSVP needs to change, please do so as it helps in managing the group. In addition to those shown here, we are also expecting walkers from my group on Facebook, bringing the total to roughly 26 of us as of this writing, not counting a bunch of maybes on top of that.

Since I will be coming from the walk in Northport given by my friend Ron Richichi, I probably will not get there early. So, if you arrive before me, “talk among yourselves” and I’ll soon be there as well.

Lastly, I encourage all to join this group to connect with other walkers and as a place to share your photos from the walk and also throughout the year:
See you soon!

Don’t forget to join us on Facebook!August 16th, 2019

I thank each of you who has registered! Please remember to keep your RSVP up to date. Meanwhile, you are all encouraged to join my photowalker group on Facebook, which is a great place to stay in touch with other walkers, learn of future walks, share photos, techniques and tips with others.

    ilenes It's great to see people signing up for our walk and also joining our group on Facebook so they can continue to stay in touch with others and share their beautiful photos from the walk. Here's the link, once again: I encourage everyone to share their names, emails and cell phone #'s with me in case needed. Email me at Thanks!

    ilenes Our event is in Newsday!

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