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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 | 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Radcliffe Camera

Where The Walk Will End

Radcliffe Camera

About This Walk

City of Oxford, UK

2022 – the return of a Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk in Oxford. I’ve joined a few previous walks here, and led two walks in the city in past years, plus a walk in Birmingham.

See you all on Saturday, Make sure to bring water, sunscreen and hat along with your camera, batteries, memory card and lens or two.

Photo contest is open for your best picture from the walkAugust 16th, 2022


Don’t forget the photo competition for pictures taken during the walk is now open.

You’re Walking for a Great Cause! And, We’ve Decided to Pay It Forward!

Deadline for your entries is 26th August 2022 at 23:59 ET (which is 04:59 on 27the August for UK entrants who can’t sleep).

As there were not so many walkers on the day, you chance is quite high to be selected.

The best of luck to you all,


Thank you everyoneAugust 13th, 2022

Well the Oxford “Hot Walk” was as hot as expected so numbers were a little down compared to registrations. I really had a great time and enjoyed meeting everyone and walking round Oxford.

By the time I got home my back was lighter than at the start as I’d drunk the two bottles of water that were in it.

I’ve just posted a short blog with a couple of my pictures on my blog

Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk in Oxford was hot

For anyone interested, I’m going to run the walk again in October when I really hope it isn’t 35C. You can find out about the October walk here:

You can expect to receive an email from the walk system asking you to submit a photo from todays walk for the global competition. It is your choice to enter, but you have a good chance of being selected as the best in the walk if you do.

Thank you,


Very hot weather forecast for Saturday in OxfordAugust 12th, 2022

After my last message about the route for the walk I have received several, quite a lot actually, messages from people saying that unfortunately they won’t be joining the walk tomorrow. I fully understand their choice, given that a scorching temperature of 35C is forecast.

I will still be there to lead however many walkers choose to join me. If you do come along don’t bring every bit of camera kit you own in a massive backpack. You could go minimal and use a single prime lens on your camera, a compact or just a phone. I’m still torn between taking a 24-70mm f/4 zoom and a 40mm f/2.8 pancake lens on my EOS 🙂

Make sure you have water with you. There are several places you can pick up more water along the route if you run out. Sunscreen and hats are a fine idea too.

Lastly… I am considering leading another walk along the same route in early October. Please keep an eye on my website for information about that.

Lastly thank you for being interested to join me on this walk, and I look forward to meeting any of you that wants to join me tomorrow in Oxford.


Walk route informationAugust 9th, 2022

I’ve have now created a walk route with step by step directions and a map for the Oxford Photowalk.

Please download your copy from the dropbox link below.

Please remember to bring sunscreen, hat and water with you as it looks to be a really hot day on Saturday.


Thanks for signing up to join me in Oxford for the Scott Kelby photo walkAugust 1st, 2022


I’m really looking forward to leading you on a gentle walk around some of the sights of Oxford on 13th August. I’m pleased to say that you are one of over 30 people who have registered to join my walk. This means there are not many spaces left so if you have friends who might join now is the time to remind them to do so.

On the day of the walk we will meet up at the Radcliffe Camera – where else – and head off for a walk that will see some open streets but also plenty of smaller sights. I’ve planned the route last week and have made the total distance short enough that you will have time to walk, talk and take photos as you go.

After a camera, memory card and battery make sure you bring a bottle of water as I think it’s likely to be rather warm still. Though that’s probably jinxed the weather!

I’m going to create a short PDF and share it to all the walkers a few days before hand. This will have the walk route and contact number in case you get separated from the group.


Brian Worley – Photo Walk Leader – Oxford

    Peter Parrey How do l know if l have a place on the walk ?

    Nick Biswell My 10 year old daughter has just become interested in photography. Is it ok if she accompanies me?

    Brian Worley Peter: you have a place, you should have an email from the photowalk system to confirm that. Looks like you were 23rd to register. Nick: Yes no problems, but ultimately she's your responsibility to make sure she's safe.

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