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Saturday, October 7th, 2023 | 4:00pm - 8:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Yarmouth Port Common

Where The Walk Will End

Yarmouth Port Common

About This Walk

Rick Branscomb, Program Coordinator for the Cape Cod Art Center Camera Club. We will be walking and shooting around the Common in Yarmouth Port, MA. We will convene at the Common in Yarmouth Port–where the Thacher House (the building formerly known as the New Church), the Gorey Museum, the Winslow Crocker House, the Bangs Hallett House and much more are within walking distance. More adventurous participants may walk or make a short drive to Wharf Lane or Gray’s Beach Boardwalk.

One last call for Yarmouth Port photos to shareOctober 14th, 2023

So far only two people have uploaded photos to share with our other walkers in Yarmouth Port. I think we can do better. I’m sure there were some great pictures taken–share them!

What next?October 8th, 2023

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Worldwide Photo Walk yesterday. So, what next, after our rain-free walk :-)? Some participants mentioned that they’d like to see what others came up with yesterday, so if you wish to share, send me up to 5 of your best JPEGs from the walk. Upload them to my Dropbox folder here: by, let’s say, Wednesday midnight. I’ll make a webpage and put them up for others to view. Entirely optional, of course.

You should have received an email from the Photo Walk people giving you the details on uploading your best photo from the day for their contest. You ought to do this–your odds of winning are better than winning the PowerBall, for example. Deadline is October 14.

Finally, if you got any great images of Thacher Hall (inside or out) that you’d like to share with the organization, let me know and I’ll make arrangements to get your images to them. If they happen to use any of the images, they will give full credit.

And if you haven’t donated to Springs Of Hope Kenya Orphanage yet, I hope you will do so. Scott Kelby puts together this amazing free walk for photographers every year, and all he asks is a small donation.

Today’s the DayOctober 7th, 2023

The Photo Walk is on. The weather forecast has improved slightly–still rain but perhaps not quite so much. Dress dry, and be sure you have your equipment’s raincoat, too. Bring your tripod, obviously–half of the walk takes place after dark.

At 4:00, we will gather at the front door of Thacher Hall (266 Route 6A (Main Street Yarmouth Port, MA, directly across the. street from the Common), since the common itself is small and grassy and likely to be muddy. There is a something that passes for a sidewalk along 6A–it’s narrow and in poor repair in spots. And it’s very close to the road, so take care when you are walking. Again, most of the historically interesting buildings are privately-owned residences, so it’s important you don’t walk on the lawns or driveways.

Parking will be a problem–please carpool if you can. One of our participants, Doug Robinson, lives right off the Common at 4 Church Street Yarmouth Port. He has offered his driveway with room for 5-6 cars to park. Otherwise, park on Strawberry Lane, around the common. It’s on-street parking, with your wheels possibly on the grass. Tight.

I hope all of you have been able to look at the Walking Guides on the Historical Society of Yarmouth’s website. . They are really useful in pointing out the interesting sights. You might want to print out the map “A Walking Tour of the Captains’ Mile” and spend some time reading the “Walking Tour of the Village of Yarmouth Port,” which is two pages of prose and no pictures.

If you have signed up for admission to Thacher Hall, be sure to show up on time. It’s a beautiful old church inside, so there will be some good opportunities. If you haven’t signed up, you may do so at .

Saturday’s Scott Kelby PhotowalkOctober 6th, 2023

First, the weather. I am planning on being there, short of an all-out tropical rainstorm, which is probably not going to happen, according to the forecast as of Friday morning. It will rain, however, so if any of you choose not to come, I fully understand. If you do come, wear raingear and have a rain covering for your camera.
Second, parking. Parking is always a challenge in the area of the Common. I really really recommend carpooling, if you can. You may park on Strawberry Lane as it circles the Common, and further on up Strawberry Lane away from Rte. 6A. By 4:00 the two major attractions in the area–the Bangs Hallet House and the Edward Gorey museum–will close so there will be fewer people parking.
I have arranged for us to have access for a 2 hour block inside Thacher Hall, the (former) church on Yarmouth Port Common starting at 3:00. This is not officially part of the Walk, but we can get in early. Since the Hall is not large and to keep people from getting in each other’s way, I am staggering admissions in 20-minute blocks. Sign up at . The Thacher Hall people ask that if you get any good images, you give them access to the pictures. While they don’t demand access, I think it’s a kind goodwill gesture on our part to share with them. Both the Edward Gorey Museum and the Bangs Hallet House will be open until 4 with an admission fee, but they are small and crowded inside making photography difficult. If you feel like arriving early and want to go inside, go for it. The grounds outside should be open, as far as I know.
Finally, I’d highly recommend looking at the Historical Society of Yarmouth’s website, especially the “Self Guided Walking Tours” page for an overview of the area’s sights Most of the architecture listed is private property and people’s homes, so please respect them. Take pictures from the street but don’t go tromping into people’s yards. Sunset is 6:15, but while there won’t be any sunset visible or any golden hour light, after dark the lights come on and, as always, you can get some dramatic shots. Rain-slicked streets and ominous clouds may actually add to the effects!

Weather UpdateOctober 3rd, 2023

Currently the forecast for Saturday is looking pretty bad. Looks like rain all day, heavy at times. I’m keeping an eye on it. Stay tuned….
Also, those of you who have signed up, I hope you have made a contribution to Scott’s designated charity, Springs of Hope Orphanage.

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