We will begin our Photo Walk at the town docks watching the watermen go out early to check their crab pots.  Walking around harbor to see the boats in dry dock as the seaside sun cast its rays and awakens the Cape Charles harbor.  Sharing golf carts, we will continue by the concrete plant which occupies a prime spot on the Chesapeake before turning back toward town stopping to investigate the historic Rosenwald School.  As we head up the rise to the highest point in town, we get a landscape view of how the trains from the north rolled into town in the late 1800s.  Stopping on their journey by ferry the train cars across the Chesapeake to Norfolk and continuing south to the warm Florida sun.  Coming down the hill, the town lays in a grid before us, named for famous Virginians north/south streets, names of fruits east/west streets.  We might choose Mason the main shopping street to Bay Ave. which has a lovely long fishing/strolling pier and parking along the dunes for the wide town beach.  But we can always take a turn down any street to discover an interesting house since Cape Charles is on the National Register of Historic Places, having one of the largest concentrations of turn-of-the-century buildings on the East Coast.  We will gather for a group photo at the Love sculpture before returning to our starting point at The Shanty Restaurant.

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