Saturday, October 6th, 2018 | 5:00pm - 7:30pm

Where We Will Meet

To be announced within the Palazzo Hotel

Where The Walk Will End

To be announced within the Palazzo Hotel

About This Walk

Hello! And welcome to the “Cameraderie on The Strip” Photowalk 2018! I’m your leader Garrett Winslow, and I’m proud to state I’ve led this walk for the past six years. This walk has also been the only “sold out” walk in Vegas for the past five years. Can we do that for year number six too? That would be sooo cool!

I am a Professional Photographer here in Las Vegas and have resided here for over forty years. This gives me a unique insight into who. what, where, and how I’ll be leading this walk along with the fact I have many established contacts that can assist us. I’m currently early in my planning process for this years walk, so stay tuned for updates. Sign up now to reserve your spot though! FYI… If I sell out again I have systems in place to make sure that nobody gets left out. So if this fills up definitely get on the waiting list! I will have a way for all to get involved. However if you’re not signed up here either as a walker or waiting on the list, I can not assist you.

I can guarantee a few, very cool things though… as with all of my events, my sponsors make sure I have plenty of door prizes! Yes… prizes in addition to what the Kelby organization offers! Pretty cool! Last year I gave away a Canon PhotoPrinter as the the Grand Door Prize. Also I’m all about having a blast and getting some really cool shots! This year I have plans to facilitate that even more, so get onboard. Ya never know what little tid bits of surprises I come up with… and yes I do that on purpose!

This year I chose this location because it affords access to some of the coolest places in the entire world, it’s easy to get to, and FREE PARKING!

Sooo, once again, Welcome! Now get ready to have a blast on October 6th! I look forward to seeing you!

Our Meeting Spot!October 4th, 2018

Hey guys! Thanks for signing up! Because this is on a Saturday Night I’m trying to make this VERY easy to find. Rather than meet inside the hotel, the easiest place I can think of to meet is on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. (the Strip) and Sands Dr. in front of the Palazzo Hotel. FYI… Sands Dr. is also known as Twain further to the east, and Spring Mtn. further to the west. If you are standing in this spot looking towards the FashionShow Mall (across the street), to your Right and across the street will be the Wynn Hotel, to your Left and across the street is the CVS and The Treasure Island. Behind you will be the Palazzo, and left and on the same side of the street will be the Venetian. From this spot we can go just about anywhere close by.

Parking is easily accessed (And it’s FREE) in the Palazzo Underground Garage coming from West to East on Spring Mtn. Road, then across the Strip to the first right into the underground Garage. I usually park on Level 3. There is an Elevator right there that brings you up close to the front desk of the hotel and close to the doors leading you outside to the strip.

I would recommend “Traveling Light” but it’s your life. lol… By light I mean one camera and one lens and MAYBE a light weight tripod. Be advised… Tripods are NEVER allowed to be set up inside casinos, and in some cases you would have difficulty outside the hotels too. It really depends upon the security guards you might run into. Also be advised… when inside the Hotels you are on private property. It’s their way or the highway. Let me tell you though that I have, on many occasions taken images inside even the most sensitive locations of the security staff, using covert methods. I will explain this more in person when we meet.

The best set up to use is wide fast glass. Something in the 14 to 70 range as fast as you own. Like a 24-70 f/2.8 works. or a 14-24 f/2.8 or if I had my druthers I wish someone would come out with a 14-105 f/2.0! Or at least a 14-85 f/2.0… Wouldn’t THAT be awesome?!?

If you show up with two cameras on Rapid straps, slung by your side, like a gunslinger? You will become prime “security bait.” A full backpack with a huge tripod? More prime “security bait” and you could be considered a Professional Photographer and subject to all kinds of harassment. However, like I said, it’s your life. These are merely my suggestions. It’s bad enough that we’ll be a gathering of Photographers all in one spot, so I usually split up into smaller less “obvious groups” and meet up later. All door prizes will be awarded at the end of our festivities.

This is the first time in 6 years this walk has not filled up, so if you have friends who wish to come along bring them! If they wish some of the Kelby Sponsored things it would be best if they signed up prior to our start time Saturday. Don’t worry about bringing “too many” peeps… every year prior to this one, my walk was full but not everybody shows up. It’s the nature of free events.

Dress for the Weather. There’s plenty of spots to get drinks.. but money is involved…

I look forward to seeing all of you! Some of you I’ve meet and have not seen in a while, so thanks! Main thing here is I have a blast every year doing this gig, and so does everyone who joins! So! I’m looking forward to seeing all of you Saturday!!

Best, Garrett

  • Peter Gonzalez Any details on where we meet in the hotel? Thanks

  • Malcolm Querney Hi Garrett, Thank you for your update. I live in Hamilton, Ontario, but as luck would have it, I'm in Las Vegas for a few days, and staying at the Palazzo hotel. I'm looking forward to seeing the city. A couple questions . . . 1) Can you say if a monopod is better than a tripod for the outing you have planned, and 2) is it your intention that we are inside the casinos for our photo exploration ( I was hoping to see more streetscapes) ? Thank you, Malcolm Querney

    • Garrett Malcolm, You may do as you please when it comes to tripods/monopods, however my advice? Don't even bring one. The only place you could set one up is on the public sidewalk, and there on a Saturday night? Can be quite tricky. Please understand... I stated what I stated about having a lot of gear with you on purpose... The security staff in Hotels and Casinos is NOT very accommodating with Photographers. I'll explain this more in depth when we first meet up tonight.

  • debartist Hi Garrett, I am not seeing the tab " CONTEST" to enter my photo. Did I miss the deadline? Thanks, Deborah Bounds

  • Peter Gonzalez Likewise, I fail to see the tab for contest entry...Thanks for your efforts and group leadership last night.

  • Garrett Hey guys! Sorry for the mix up on meeting location afterwards last night! Now this crazy app wont let me email all of you! So I'm posting this here. The contest entry probably hasn't been uploaded to the site yet. I had difficulty with this last year too. Be patient, but most of all understand a lot of this is out of my personal control.... I don't even have your individual email address, the Kelby group does. So I'll be patiently waiting on the sidelines too... Just so you know... four of us showed up at the correct meeting spot last night after the shoot, and one couple said they realized they were at the wrong spot when they weren't nest the Food Court like I mentioned. I actually didn't know there were two Coffee Bean and Tea Leafs in the Venetian until last night! OOPS! Best, Garrett

    • debartist Sorry me, Lisa and Dave didn't make that meeting. Grimaldis called our name and we went. Thanks for organizing this and hope to see you next year! Deborah

  • Peter Gonzalez Several of us waited until 8PM . Myself, Malcom- Canadian and the lady from Germany our guests! Shirley, Nancy, myself Peter, and 3 others ( names escape me). . We had no idea there were two Coffee Bean and Tea locations. The location we selected wasn't to far from the escalators.. Albeit very small with limited seating..Let us know what is next? thanks

  • Malcolm Querney Hello everyone! I'm now back home in Canada, and catching up on my correspondence. I never did received any notice for uploading my photograph - and I think it's now past the deadline. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for making me feel welcome, and including me on your photo walk. I had lots of fun, and enjoyed several conversations. I came home with some memorable images that I'd be happy to share (if there is a group page, - Flickr, etc?) If anyone wants to keep in touch, my e-mail address is '' Thanks again. Malcolm Querney

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