This Saturday , August 13th 2022, at 10:00 am, we will be meeting to share our love of photography, to share our knowledge with each other, and to make new friends who also love being behind the camera.  Everyone is invited, no matter what your skill level is, and you will have an opportunity to send in a photo to the Kelby Scott Worldwide Photowalk Competition!  Let your imagine roam and take photos of anything that strikes your fancy in this charming waterfront tourist town of the Ozarks!
Bring some comfortable walking shoes and your favorite camera equipment!   We can walk or stop along the way and we will reconvene, (if anyone gets side tracked shooting pictures), at the Black Oak Grill, right at one end of the strip!  You may wish to order something to eat or drink there, or just chat with your new friends!
My name is Safari Carlotti and I love photography and I am constantly looking for more instructions on how to use my camera!😀.

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  1. Lynn, I have your number down wrong! I know you have mine so please call me to get the info that I promised to send you!

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