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Saturday, October 7th, 2023 | 6:30am - 8:30am

Where We Will Meet

Meet in parking lot in front of the Bistro

Where The Walk Will End

Meet inside the Bistro

About This Walk

The plan is get there early and catch the beautiful sunrise light. We will walk the path around to the back of the lakeside building and capture the beauty of the day- eagles, mountains, fields, lake, etc. We will meander along the path that is alongside the fences where hopefully some of the horses will be turned out and capture our images along the way. This will be a stroll out then back. We will end back where we started and can have a delightful time hanging out at the bistro. It has coffee drinks, bar drinks, breakfast items etc.

I am a local professional photographer with a studio in Sisters. I have loved doing these walks and have disappointed in the last few years that there are not many/if any in Oregon. Seeing the images from people who are together in the same place is so fascinating as each person creates their own art. I am excited to meet other photographers in our area.

Tomorrow’s FUNOctober 6th, 2023

Hi all! Super excited for our adventure tomorrow. Be sure to set your alarm. Friendly reminder to pack your bag- format memory cards, grab lenses, charged up those batteries. Please be sure to ask questions, give advice if asked & be supportive of each other. You can reach me at 503.810.3633. See ya soon, Kathy

Saturday Fun DAY!October 2nd, 2023

Hi Everyone! So excited to meet you all on Saturday morning. It look’s like the weather is going to be gorgeous. I have the start time as 6:30 AM. I will be there (early) to direct and/or advise you to what direction and path to consider taking. I plan to hang out for about 10 minutes then will start walking myself. If you are running late feel free to text me to catch up to the group. ( 503.810.3633) or shoot on your own and meet us at the bistro after words.

6 Responses

  1. Looking forward to joining up with the Black Butte photowalk. I am coming over to Black Butte from Newberg Or. See everyone soon!

  2. Will a long telephoto be beneficial on this walk? I just got back from vacation and the time is flying. My max is 200mm right now but can rent something if it looks useful.

  3. Hi Dale- So great your going to join us!
    Hi Bob- Any lens is gonna be good for this walk!

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