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Saturday, October 7th, 2023 | 7:30am - 9:30am

Where We Will Meet

we'll meet in the pedestrian plaza outside the starbucks

Where The Walk Will End

we'll end at anchorhead coffee right down the street

About This Walk

The Adobe photo team is pleased to announce Sam Horine as the lead for the downtown Seattle photo walk.

This early morning photowalk will explore the iconic Pike Place Market as the city awakens – skip the crowds and watch the beating heart of the city come to life as vendors setup and locals grab coffee. We’ll focus on slowing down, observing details and noticing light within the urban architecture. We’ll practice observational street photography in the areas around the market, trying to put our own perspective on the unique angles, hidden corners, vintage neon signs and lively characters that bring this gathering space to life.

The weather is shaping up to be a classic fall day with plenty of sun, it will be a bit chilly at the start but should warm up quickly. We’ll focus primarily on the market itself and the nearby surrounding areas. When we first start the walk it’s pretty quiet and will be a great chance to see it mostly empty but by about 8-8:15 it really starts to pick up and by 9am it’s in full swing. As the market gets busier it will be harder to stay together and i encourage you to explore at your own pace as there’s no expectation that we stick together or that you end with the group if you’re feeling inspired.

Bring a camera of any type, extra memory cards and batteries as needed. Wear unbranded, vintage inspired clothing / outfits for bonus points.


This photo walk has been generously sponsored by Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

download a free 1 week trial of lightroom here

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ThanksOctober 7th, 2023

Great to meet everyone today – thanks for braving the early morning start! Hope everyone got some photos or at least had some good conversations – please tag me or better yet, send me a DM on IG so I can follow you tag you in story about the walk.

Cheers and let’s do it again soon 🙂

photowalk w/ sam horineOctober 6th, 2023

hey everyone – excited to meet everyone tomorrow morning – i know it’s an early start but forecast calls for a beautiful day w/ a clear sunrise so will be a fun morning. if you’re running late, no worries, feel free to message me on my cell phone 718-916-2866 or else just meet up at the new ending point (anchorhead coffee at 2003 western ave at the northern end of the market)

if you’re driving in and looking for parking – I might suggest the West Place Parking Garage (2nd and Pike) which has a nice view of the market from its top deck

5 Responses

  1. It’s been since pre pandemic that I’ve joined a walk. I recall a discussion area for each walk, along with knowing how many people had joined the walk. Is that discussion area – here? How many people have joined this walk so far?

  2. Guess I answered my own question on #1. Do we know how many people have joined yet?

  3. Coming from Kitsap County, I will be up to 7 minutes late from the start of the walk

  4. @barry – thanks for the email.sorry i didn’t see this area earlier – we have around 20 people who are currently signed up

    @gian – no worries, it’s early i get it – will send out a update to everyone’s email with my cell number

  5. I’m visiting Seattle and looking forward to joining this walk tomorrow morning. See you there!

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