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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 | 10:00am - 12:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Courthouse Steps

Where The Walk Will End

Deja Brew Cafe

About This Walk

A Walk in Old Town Warrenton


Come join us for a stroll through Historic Old Town Warrenton and experience the charm of this hidden gem of a town. Starting on the steps of a 250 year old courthouse which provides a sweeping view of the adjacent valley. Meander the old town area filled with quaint shops and sidewalk cafes. Enjoy a colorful Farmer’s Market cherished by the locals and grab one of their famous breakfast sandwiches! Wander a little further off the downtown area to find a well kept graveyard or a beautiful old railroad bridge now converted into a walking path with a train car still there. Occasionally an antique town trolley will sound a friendly warning bell as it rumbles past… Historic architecture punctuated by modern additions makes this town a fun and vibrant place to photowalk.


This walk can be as long or short as you wish to make it, there’s no exact path but I encourage exploration of the many little side streets and alleyways to find interesting opportunities for shots. There are hills at the Eastern edge of the town, but the main downtown area is level enough to avoid any strenuous uphill walking.


About Me:

I’m Kirk Nelson, Your Friendly Neighborhood Graphics Geek, and I’ve been a professional graphic designer and photographer for over 20 years. (if you care to check out my website, it’s I’ve done several photoshoots on the streets of Old Town Warrenton and I’m excited to share this hidden gem with other photographers.

If there’s enough interest, I might even bring out my signature orange striped couch that is just so much fun to drop into the middle of the street for a quick shot between waves of traffic!

    Michael Cassidy I am sorry but will not be able to join. I hope this is back on next time. Mike Cassidy

    Kirk Nelson All Right Folks! Our walk is tomorrow. If the weather is as good as it is today we should have a great time! so what do you all think? Should I bring my signature orange striped couch? Here's an example of a shot I took with it in our walk location: Let me know if anybody would like me to bring this along tomorrow.

    Chris Livingston Hi Kirk, I saw you on The Grid Wednesday. Definitely bring the orange couch. I have a great idea for a shot! Hopefully we have a couple of people willing to pose in it :)

    Kirk Nelson OK Chris! You got it!

    Chris Livingston Arrrg! I had 3, count them 3, family events that suddenly cause a conflict with tomorrow morning and now I cannot join you guys. I am bummed. I am starting a family photography business and was hoping to pick your brain on a few things Kirk. But it will have to be another time. Anyway, here was my idea. I was going to choose a street (or intersection) that possibly had this Historic Courthouse in the background (or something interesting). Then have Kirk drop off the couch on the sidewalk or side of the road and circle back around in his truck. Then some of us move the couch into position in the middle of the street. Then have a couple of people casually sit on the couch, legs crossed, and pointing at the back of a camera, enjoying some picture they just took, oblivious to the fact that they are holding up traffic. Behind the couch will be Kirk in his truck (that way we are not directly holding up strangers) Kirk will lean out of the driver’s side window, waiving left fist in the air in his best (Angry old man, “you kids get off my lawn”) pose. While one or more people get the shot. I was thinking F8 if the background is nice, or 5.6 if not. The photographers will need to be down really low, and in the median or possibly slightly in the other lane to get a good angle on Kirk and possibly the cars behind him. It would be a group effort for sure!

    Chris Livingston Every year I do the Photowalk and take a photojournalistic approach and wait for something interesting to happen (in a 2-hour span) and it rarely does. I though this year would be the perfect time to set up an elaborate staged shot. Anyway, feel free to run with it if you have enough people in the group to make it happen. (I can’t see the head counts like prior years). Have fun you all!

    Angela George Good morning! I’m curious how many people have signed up for the walk today?

    Kirk Nelson Good Morning Everyone! We currently have 15 people signed up. That's a good crowd and the weather is gorgeous. Chris, I'm so sorry you won't be able to be there, you will be missed. Your idea with the couch is hilarious. I'll bring it anyway and we will see what we can do. See everyone is just a couple hours.

    Kirk Nelson We're running behind but we'll be there shortly!

    Chris Livingston How did everything go Saturday morning? I was only available at night and switched to the DC monuments at sunset walk. It was "ok" but I didn't get any "Wow" shot.

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