Saturday, October 6th, 2018 | 10:00am - 12:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Near the Mill in Pioneer Village

Where The Walk Will End

Lunch at the Inn if enough folks are interested.

About This Walk

For this walk, we will photograph Pioneer Village that is a restored village founded in 1814. There are 20 historic buildings with period furniture, tools, artifacts, and interpreters. We will photograph the outside and inside of buildings as well as mill creek. The various houses and shops such as the woodworking, pharmacy, distillery, and weaver’s shops provide a variety of photographic opportunities.

The walk leader is Gary R. Morrison who is a Bloomington-based landscape and wildlife photography. This walk is the third Gary has lead at Spring Mill State Park.  He purchased his first camera when he was 10-years old and has had a life-long passion for photography. Gary studied photography and taught a photography class while in graduate school. He recently retired from his position as a professor and now spends as much time as possible photographing the beauty of southern Indiana’s landscape. He has led a number of photography workshops and hikes, and he was an artist-in-residence at T.C. Steele Historic Site in 2015.

ContestOctober 8th, 2018

The contest tab on my page is now available, so hopefully you can see it on your page.

Again, thanks to all who joined the walk on Saturday!

WeatherOctober 5th, 2018

About 10 days ago, the forecast was sunny and a high 50. Today it is 83 and sunny, to cloudy, to partly sunny.

I am looking at two forecasts for Mitchell. One says sunny and the other says a 35% of rain and sunny. Given the village where we are shooting is in a holler, the rain may go around us.

I roam southern Indiana on a regular basis to photograph various places. Given the weather report, I would have my car packed and ready to go, actually, it is partially packed.

Lunch? And weatherOctober 2nd, 2018

If you have not emailed me or replied in the discussion, could you do so soon?
It looks like the chance of rain is dropping daily. I will be there unless there is flooding or lightning at 9. I’ll wait a few minutes until it stops.


Getting ready for our walk and lunchSeptember 29th, 2018

We are just a week away from our walk! We will focus primarily on the area around the village. Let’s start by meeting near the water wheel of the old mill. We will take a group photo and then spread out to photograph the area. I will be around to answer questions and help in any way possible. I am recovering from partial knee replacement surgery (5 weeks and I am walking 1.5 miles a day), so I do not walk real fast making it easier to catch me! We will shoot for two hours and then meet near the water wheel at noon (I want to say AT, but that will get you wet!). This is really a time to meet other photographers, ask questions, learn from one another, and take some interesting photographs.

Next Saturday, is their Autumn Harvest Days so there will be even more folks in period costume. There will be many ongoing demonstrations including Crosscut saw (if it is the same guy, he is hilarious), display, and cornhusk doll demonstrations. There is a lot to photograph with the old buildings and people. Be sure to submit your best shot for the photography contest. They have some great prizes. Most of the walks are in cities, so we have a unique opportunity to capture the judges eye!

I would like to know how many of you would like to go to lunch at the Inn after the walk (everyone pays their way). I will make reservations for the group. Last year, we had a great time and conversations at lunch. My wife will be joining us to help me as she will not yet let me drive, and she has agreed to carry my gear!

Let’s try the luncheon RSPV two ways. If you can email me at I am not sure if the Photowalk system will allow me to post my email. If the link is good, I will confirm your response. The other option is to reply on the Discussion section of the walk page ( and search for Mitchell, Indiana). I would like to make the reservations on Thursday.

Now is the time to check your battery levels (one of mine was almost dead yesterday) and make sure you have memory cards if needed. If you have a flash, you might want to pack it. Personally, I prefer the natural light. I would suggest bringing your camera manual if you are not familiar with your camera so that I can help you if you have a question. I am Nikon shooter, so I know my way around most Nikons. I have managed to help folks with Canons, but a manual could help us out of a tough spot!

I am looking forward to see those who are joining the walk for the first time and meeting old friends from previous walks.

  • Vicki Guenther I'm not familiar with the area. What is the address where we will meet?

    • We will meed at the Old Mill, near the water wheel. Spring Mill Park's address is 3333 State Road 60 E. Mitchell, IN 47446 If you are heading east from Mitchell, the entrance is on your left. I believe it is only a short distance from the ice cream place on your right. Here is a link for the map of the park. The village is on the far left side of lager map. Basically, after you pay to enter, continue straight on the road. You will go down a hill and cross a bridge over Mill Creek on your left and the lake is on you right. Turn left at the T after crossing the bridge. After driving maybe 100 yards or so, you will see a large parking lot on your left. Go to furthest end of the lot to have the shortest walk. You will walk across a bridge, and then turn right. Continue walking to the village and you will see the mill. Gary

  • I just need to know who wants to join us for lunch at the Inn. I would prefer an email (I will confirm receipt) at If the email does not work, please respond to this discussion if you want to attend. Gary

  • Mark Sachs Hi Gary, this is Mark Sachs from Westfield. I just signed-up and plan on joining the walk - and have lunch. Thank you for leading the walk!

    • Thanks!

  • Ellie Brown Hello Gary, a group of us are driving in from Indianapolis. I believe one of us either MaryAnn or Leslie RSVPed for lunch for our group. See you Saturday.

  • Bill Wills Hi Gary, this is Bill Wills from Carmel. I just signed up and plan on joining the walk and having lunch with the group. Thanks for putting this together. I am an x-Canon shooter, now shooting Lumix Mirrorless.

  • Vicki Guenther Does anyone know if it has been raining a lot in Mitchell the past couple of days? I's rather not be walking around in mud tomorrow.

  • Mark Sachs Hi Gary, Thank you again for hosting the walk. I can't wait to see all of the pic's.

  • Lauren Shaffer Hi Gary, I'm not seeing a "contest" tab to submit under. Where should we submit a photo?

  • Mark Sachs Hi Gary, How come we can't see any of the other pictures but our own?

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