Saturday, October 5th, 2019 | 10:00am - 2:00pm

Where We Will Meet

parking lot for Jungle habitat

Where The Walk Will End

I found a place to meet that serves ice cream and coffee!

About This Walk

Jungle habitat was a Warner Brother’s theme park back in the early 70’s. It closed in 1976. While the rumor was that they just left the animals after closing, this does not seem to be the case. There are dirt and asphalt paths and dilapidated cages. Some quite majestic. It will basically be a walk in the woods with odd things strewn about. Weird New Jersey mentions it here.

The hardest part of this day will be going up the road from the entry to where we will go into the forest. My niece had no problem but I was puffing a little. After that everything was fine but know that part of this walk will be, well, walking.

I am a food and corporate portrait shooter for the most part so walking around with a camera will be a little different for me. Lets all think outside of the box and go for a walk around weird New Jersey.

Here is a new website concerning the past.      people still have many fond memories

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how to dress (like I would know)October 4th, 2019

The great news is that tomorrow is predicted to be sunny. The crazy news is that it will be a high of 60 degrees. Therefore, dress in layers because when we stop to shoot it’ll be cool, as we hike it’ll be warm. We will be in the woods but we’ll mostly be following asphalt (from the 70’s) paths. See you tomorrow at 10AM.

More infoOctober 3rd, 2019

Hello photographers! We are meeting at 10AM just drive up as far as you can (you’ll end up at a yellow locked gate). When we all get there, we’ll go for a walk up a fairly big hill to the old main parking lot. From there we’ll get out tickets… wait, there hasn’t been a ticket taker sine the late 70’s. Maybe just the ghost. No, we will leave the parking lot and walk right into the woods full of tunnels, cages and a very decrepit amphitheater.. I have the Trail Forks app. so we will always know where we are. I walked around there today (in the rain) and it’s lovely. It’ll be even better with out the rain! See you all then! Oh I will leave it up to a vote (democracy and all that) Fox Island Creamery is nice. Ice Cream, coffee and Burger place or there is a Dairy Queen Queen.for decompression after the shoot.

    Andrew Scheck I saw this address: 104 Airport Rd., Ringwood, New Jersey 07480 USA Is this correct for the meeting place in the morning?

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