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Stuart, FL United States (Riverwalk Pier)

Mitch Kloorfain of Your Voice News & Gorilla Magic will facilitate the 2013 Kelby Photowalk in Downtown Stuart

Walk Leader

Mitch Kloorfain

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Meeting Location & Time

200 Southwest Saint Lucie Avenue, Stuart, FL- United States

Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013

Time: 06:45am - 09:00am

Location Details: Riverwalk Pier Stage

After the walk, meet at: Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill

Best photo for this location

By Colleen Logan

Walker Photos

Below are all walker photos that have been uploaded and entered in the 2014 Photo Walk photo contest.

  • Stephanie Carney

  • Joanne Granese

  • Jessica Piazza

  • Jennafer Hartman

  • Zaneta Defelici

  • Debbie Curry

  • Barbara Beaumont

  • Cathy Rudd

  • Susan Jones

  • Chad Granese

  • Julie Spircoff

  • Patt Holland

  • Sarah Parker

  • Denise Dinocola

  • sean clinton

  • Mike Whittington

  • Zen Rial

  • Greg Snider

  • Susan Dingess

  • Carolyn Snider

  • David Curry

  • Samantha Kloorfain

  • Michael Claren

  • Lois Fraser

  • Bud Hoffman

  • Charlene McCulley

  • Michelle Hartman

  • Deborah Mullen

  • Colleen Logan

  • Lisa Tarplee

  • Sevin Bullwinkle

  • Lisa Renee Ludlum

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Meet Time: 06:45am - 09:00am

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Photo Walk Description

This will be a great walk…AGAIN! We will photographically take on the many attributes of Downtown Stuart including it’s unique architecture, waterways, small town commerce, the Rooselvet Bridge, and I can almost guarantee a passage or two of a train, trolly or both. In addition, there may also be a model or two as well as some other activities there just for your photographic enjoyment!

For those who don’t know me I have been a multi-award working photographer on the Treasure Coast since the mid 1990′s. I am currently chief photographer for Your Voice News and a partner in Gorilla Magic Creative PR. I look forward to having photographers of all skill levels attend. Beginners and novices will learn from talking and watching the semi-pro and professionals that attend.

Following our 2 hour photographic journey we will meet at Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill for breakfast, networkig and camaraderie.

I look forward to the email that tells me the BEST image in the world came from the walk in Downtown Stuart!

    Leader News & Updates

  • By Mitch Kloorfain ( 0 )
  • The walk is over...now what?

    Now we want your pix!!

    Upload your BEST images to a FlickR photostream after you create a Free Yahoo account (if you haven’t already) and then add them to these two groups: This is the local one with only those who walked that day but you make a request and then I let you in the door.

    Join into the Kelby group page and be part of the tens of thousands posting their walk pix


    Your final and BEST image that you believe can beat everybody out will be uploaded here before noon on 10/14. (Don’t wait until 11:59!)



    I look forward to seeing your work.

  • Upload all your good photos here:

    This is where you will upload your good photos too and then upload your singular BEST image to the official Kelby Photowalk page


    Only 7 people have registerred at this page so please start getting that ready so you can share your images

  • 3 more nights

    3 more night until we wake up to the Photowalk!

    Congrats to Sharon Norris & Lois Fraser. Two people have backed out and that has moved you off the waiting list. If for some reason you cannot attend (or anyone for that matter) please let me know so someone else will receive the same opportunity as you.

    Again, even if you are on the waiting list please attend regardless. It is about networking and experience more than anything else.

    The images from the walk will be uploaded to this FlickR Group
    Save this link and load images here when you get home.

    If you choose to post some beghind the scenes pix with your mobile device and look at posts made by others they will be done here:

    If you are one of the 50 on the official walk, the ONE image you choose to enter in the contest will be uploaded to the walk page here at this link:

    We will be having a second walk with the pink firetrucks in Tradition for anyone who wants to attend but only images from Stuart will be eleigible for submission to keep the playing field even.

  • 5 Days Out!

    From Scottkelby.com:

    Seven Tips for Walkers
    Each year, I gave seven tips for walkers to help you make the most of your walk, and I’ve got those here for you again. If you’re going to be walking with us this weekend, take a moment to give these a quick read: I promise it’ll make a difference in your experience.

    (1) Drink Plenty of Water
    Make sure you take plenty of water with you and stay fully hydrated during the entire walk. Two hours is a long time to be out in the sun so make sure you drink lots of water before and during the walk. (TIP: Want to be a hero? Bring an extra bottle of water or two to share with other walkers).

    (2) Use Sunscreen
    If your walk is during daylight hours (and most are), make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen, and don’t forget to wear a hat for protection as well.

    (3) Leave a Small Footprint
    Make sure that you have as little physical impact on the area you’re walking in as possible. If you’re walk is in nature, make sure the area looks exactly the same when you leave as when you got there. Same thing in a downtown area—-we want store owners and pedestrians to welcome events like this, so be kind to everyone you meet, and create as small a footprint on your walk route as possible. Take only pictures. Leave only footprints.

    (4) Make New Friends
    This is a social event, and everybody is there to have fun and make new friends, so make sure you talk with other walkers in your group. Ask them ‘what kind of stuff like they to shoot,’ or ‘how they like their camera or a particular accessory,’ or ask ‘if they’ve ever been on this street or area before,’ and you’ll have a conversation up and running in no time.

    (5) Let Your Leader Lead
    Your walk leader has put a lot of time and effort into planning the walk, organizing and publicizing the walk, and making the whole thing happen (after all; without your local Leader there might not be a walk in your city, right?), so don’t try and hijack the walk; let your Leader do the talking, and the leading, and that way you can just relax and focus on getting some great shots.

    (6) Get To Your Walk Early
    It happens every year; some people miss the walk altogether because they couldn’t find a parking space, or they missed the train or subway, or they ran into something that delayed them from getting to the start of the walk on time. It’s really heartbreaking to get there and find that the walk is already underway and there’s nobody standing there but you, so make sure you plan extra time to get to your walk’s Starting Location, especially if you’re not familiar with the area. You’ll save yourself a lot of stress (and possible heartbreak) by getting there early. Plus, if you get there early, there’s extra time to make friends before the walk even starts—maybe you’ll make a “walking buddy” who’ll share the experience with you.

    (7) Play it Safe
    The single most important thing is your safety during the Photo Walk.
    Don’t get distracted by what you’re shooting or seeing, and back right into the street, or into another photographer (or just a person walking down the street). Keep your wits about you, and remember than many of you will be shooting in a downtown area, on crowded sidewalks or busy streets, so just stay alert the entire walk, and look out for other walkers as well. Also, don’t wander into any areas or alleys that may look the least bit unsafe—stay with your group—there’s safety in numbers, and of course always keep a close eye on your camera gear and personal items.

    Also, make sure you check out the Official World Wide Photo Walk Facebook Page (here’s the link) for more walking tips and also you can follow the official walk on Google+ (here’s the link) or on Twitter using the Hashtag #WWPW.

    See you guys this weekend as we make photographic history!

  • One Month Away. Please read all the way to the bottom

    Good monring participants and those on the waiting list.

    We are 4 Saturdays away from the walk in downtown Stuart and the anticipation is exciting.

    First there are two sub-purposes to the Photowalk.
    First, Safespace is holding their event ‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’ where there will be a one-mile walk, featuring men in 4-inch red stilettos, to raise funds and awareness for victims of domestic violence.
    You are more than welcome to include them in the images you create for the walk (or not) and have them considered for the judging.

    The photography commnity is a very giving one and I am looking for anybody who makes any images of their group also make them available to them to showcase their event with credit made to each photographer for any image published, printed or posted.

    Second, It is coming up on Stuart’s 100th anniversary. Stuart Main Street has been promoting the walk and I have made the same arrangements with them about using any images to promote their centennial celebration that would showcase some of the amazing images made in the downtown Stuart areas.

    Third, We have the biggest waiting list ever and so not to discourage anyone from coming I will be making a separate contest of those who are on the waiting list and will be offering a nice photography related prize to that wait list category. No matter what list you are on please come and participate.

    Fourth, If for some reason you cannot attend please remove yourself from the event on the Photowalk official page (Not the Facebook page) This will move someone from the waiting list up the the walk list and allow them to participate in the international contest.

    Also, The Facebook page is just supplementary to the walk as a way of communicating with the other walkers. Please direct any concerns or questions to me directly here.

    Oh, lastly, be on time. We take the group photo at 7:00 sharp. Last year a few people missed out by just minutes and I would have preferrred to have EVERYBODY. Come early if you want. I will be there at 6:30 to meet and talk with people.

    Thanks and looking forward to meeting up!

  • Posting during the walk on FlickR

    From RC Concepcion:
    Share Your Pictures for the Worldwide Photo Walk on Flickr
    Last year, we had close to 30,000 people participate in our +Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk in over 1300 cities. We wanted to add a social level to the walk, letting people share some behind the scenes #photography with everyone participating. This year, we’re doing just that with #Flickr .

    I made a video showing you how to add the group, and how to take pictures with the #Flickr app on your phone and add them to the group. Make sure you are a part of the group before the action starts – October 5!

  • Counting Down

    AMAZING! Only 48 hours after activating the page for photographers to sign up for the annual Photowalk we have all 50 spots filled.

    What this means to you and others:

    Anybody signing up now will be put on the waiting list in the event of a cancellation, each person on the waiting list will move up one spot in the order they signed up.

    If for some reason you cannot attend please relinquish your spot to allow someone else the opportunity.

    The team photo is the first thing we will shoot as a group on the Riverwalk stage as people will scatter and break into small groups and not everyone will return.

    For those who stay we will meet at Mulligans at 9:30 for breakfast (separate checks) and to share the last few hours of our expierences.

    As of this writing there are 54 DAYS, 12 HOURS, 28 MINUTES and 16 SECONDS until it begins. Please feel free to post any questions on the wall for all to see and at the same time introduce yourself with your name, camera type and photographic interests.

    Let the countdown begin!

  • The Google+ Event Page

    Here is the page that we are looking for everyone to upload their Photowalk images to. You need to have a GMail account to sign on so please jopin in. The page to upload images for consideration for prizes will be here on Google+ https://plus.google.com/events/c40ucasouf468lbrqu3c3qb7olg


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