Saturday, October 1st, 2016 | 6:30pm - 9:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Photographic Arts Building in Balboa Park

Where The Walk Will End

Photographic Arts Building in Balboa Park

About This Walk

This is Darkroomers 2nd year hosting the annual Scott Kelby Photowalk and we think a cool autumn evening in Balboa Park will be the best way to end the day!

There will be plenty of long exposures, twilight captures and a near moonless sky.

There are several bridges in and around the Park and we plan to hit many of them from which we will photograph the city skyline using traffic and long exposures to create some great light streaks.  The reflection pond with the botanical building is a lot of fun and we will stop there along the way. The Old Globe Theater, Organ Pavilion and Spanish Village will get some brief attention as well.  Balboa Park comes alive after dark so come ready to have some fun with your photography and meet some new friends–this is going to be a great photowalk!

We will start and finish our walk from the Photographic Arts Building which is home to the Southern California Association of Camera Clubs and there is plenty of parking in the carousel lot adjacent to our building.  We will have a walk briefing before we head out and there will be refreshments in the building before and after the walk.

Find out more about the Darkroomers Photographic Club on our website at or visit us on Facebook at


September 23rd, 2016

We added a few things to the program: Night Photography experts: Les Anderson and Mary Anderson are going to be joining us and Order of Rebel Knights are going to performing a light saber battle on the graffiti bridge that is going to be insane! And Kim Tiffany is going to be Pixelstick-ing it up with some Star Wars themed pixel backdrops. We are also going to be light painting the graffiti bridge over the 5 freeway and many other surprises.

Scott Kelby didn’t see us coming…

  • Ruby Roof Hi There... I would like to register for this event. Is there a link for registration/reservation? Thankyou! Ruby Roof

    • Jeff Booher Hi Ruby, if you click the 'join walk' button you can add your details and sign up.

  • Kendra Littlewood Hi Jeff, I've tried to join your Oct. 1st walk and I cannot complete the process as it keeps asking for an account username. I don't have one and am not sure how I get one. Can you please clarify this part of the sign-up for me. Thanks very much.

    • Jeff Booher Hi Kendra, Where it says "Account Username", it is asking you to provide the name you would like to use for your account so that you can login to the Kelby Photowalk system. You do not need to be a Kelby One member account holder in order to sign up for the Photowalk and it doesn't look like "Account Username" is a required field. I believe that the system will just use your e-mail address for your username if you don't provide one. The system will email you the details including your password so that you can login later--you will need to upload your walk photos to the system if you want to participate in the competition. Let me know if you are still having trouble. Jeff

      • Kendra Littlewood Thanks Jeff for clarifying. I thought it was a pre-existing username I needed. I will go ahead and sign-up and look forward to Oct. 1st.

  • johnmoya Is there a way to see all the walkers on the list? I don't see the option and I remember being able to get to the list.

    • Jeff Booher Sorry, no. Unless you are a walk leader the roster is not made public.

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