Saturday, October 7th, 2017 | 8:30am - 12:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Old West Coffee Cafe, 110 W Main, Pilot Point, TX

Where The Walk Will End

Old West Coffee Cafe then on to Aubrey, TX!

About This Walk

The “Square” in Pilot Point (the oldest town in Denton County, TX) is a step back in time for those who enjoy photographing historic architecture/old buildings, ghost signs, windows, painted doors, a vine covered old jail, an old gas station (turned restaurant), and an antique fire truck.  There’s even the Farmers and Merchants Bank building built in 1896 standing proudly on the corner (it was used in the 1967 Warren Beatty movie “Bonnie & Clyde”)!  The gazebo in the center of the square currently has a collection of WWI dog tags from soldiers primarily living within 50 miles of Pilot Point.  The Pilot Point Commercial District was entered into the National Register of Historic Places in August 2007.

We’ll check in between 8:30-8:45 inside the Old West Coffee Cafe (have a quick cup of coffee if you like), introduce ourselves then point out particular photo ops before spending about 1 – 1 1/2 hours wandering the square and close by areas. Walking will be easy, there’s a few up/down steps and just about everything is within sight of the center of the Square.  Then for those who wish to continue, we’ll go to Aubrey – see the Updates Tab!  Come dressed for the weather (sunscreen if necessary) wearing comfortable walking shoes.  Photography equipment can be a camera, cell phone, iPad….your choice.  Those wanting to bring tripods, please do!

I’m a hobby photographer, been organizing “groups and people” throughout my career before retiring two years ago and am also a member of the Heard Nature Photographers in McKinney, TX (currently coordinating their annual digital photography contest that next happens in February 2018).

Come join us for a morning of fun photography, meeting new folks and reminiscing about times gone by.  We welcome photographers of all ages and experience levels for the Kelby Worldwide Photowalk.  If you have questions, I can be reached at or 214/478-2107.

Reminder:  Check the “Updates” tabs for new information on the walk!


Pilot Point Walk’s Entry into the Kelby ContestNovember 2nd, 2017

Ian Aberle’s image “Teenage Being a Teen” was the winner chosen as the entry into the Kelby Worldwide Photowalk contest.

Ian’s other images from the walk can be found at:

Congratulations, Ian!

Kathleen Hodgeon Pilot Point Photos to Share!October 14th, 2017

Thanks, Kathleen!

More Walk Photos – Thank you Sharon Stanaland!October 11th, 2017

Pilot Point 00-1

Ron Wright Sharing His Pilot Point & Aubrey Images!October 11th, 2017


Thanks, Ron !!!

Barbara Therrien’s Pilot Point Shots!October 10th, 2017

Here’s the link to Barbara’s images from our photowalk!!! .

Such fun seeing how we each saw Pilot Point! Thanks for sharing, Barbara.

Erika Owens’ Pilot Point Images !October 10th, 2017

Thanks to Erika for sharing her images. Loving how everyone is seeing Pilot Point!!!
Pilot Point Tx
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Group Photo (Higher Resolution)October 9th, 2017

Shared Images from Roger RobertsOctober 9th, 2017

Please enjoy Roger’s perspective of Pilot Point!

What a Fun Day!October 8th, 2017

I really want to thank our walkers for taking the time to drive to Pilot Point so early on Saturday morning! Hope everyone had as much fun with it as I did. It was such a treat sharing the day with enthusiastic photographers honing their craft. And just think, some of us made new friends, too!

Reminder that there is a contest with prizes associated with this contest. For those who wish to participate , dates/details can be found at the following pages of the site:

Please don’t hesitate to call if you have questions.

Thanks again,
Jackie Ranney, Leader


8:30-8:45 a.m. Check in at the Old West Coffee Cafe, 110 W. Main, Pilot Point, TX. When FM 455 intersects FM 377, it becomes Liberty Street. Liberty Street will take you directly into the historic square. Please park on the side of the square without buildings if at all possible. Photography inside the Old West Coffee Cafe is welcomed!

If your plans have changed and you will not be joining the walk, please text me at 214/478-2107.

Jackie Ranney
Walk Leader

Oh, no !!!!..after Pilot Point destination…..October 4th, 2017

Alert to our walkers! Embarrassed to learn today that I had not checked Aubrey’s calendar ( WHAT? Jackie – you know better)……This Saturday is the 150th anniversary of Aubrey’s founding and their accompanying Annual Peanut Festival. ….held in the very area I planned for us to photograph. It doesn’t mean we can’t go there – it just means there will be other people there, too, with accompanying parking issues (especially since it’s in the park where our parking was planned). For those who wish to shorten their day, my apologies for this embarrassing mistake. For those who wish to continue on to Aubrey, we should find some interesting “street photography’ and opportunities in the surrounding area. (Might want to use Mom’s Cafe’s address in your navigators for getting there – then finding parking as available: 204 S Main Street, Aubrey, TX 76227

More photo-ops added! Come on along!!October 1st, 2017

8/20 Update! We’re adding another most-interesting destination into our walk for those who wish to continue! Shortening our time in Pilot Point to 1-1 1/2 hours, we’ll take a brief 10 minute drive to more “love the old stuff” treasures …. an abandoned peanut drying mill, a thorny-vine covered Suzuki (letters on the side say “Samurai JX”), a GMC International R-160 Series pickup that hasn’t seen a paint job in a very long-long time…. then there’s an intriguing alleyway sporting peeling painted doors/windows!

We’ll have lunch at Mom’s Home Cooking in “historical downtown” Aubrey – a photo op in itself!
Oh, what a morning!!!

If you’re getting one of the Kelby Walk t-shirts – please wear them for the walk! Reminder that 100% of the profits will go to the orphanage and you have a t-shirt to commemorate the day!

9/30/2017 Last Minute DetailsSeptember 30th, 2017

The Photo Walk date is getting closer and looks like we have wonderful weather predicted! Here’s a few reminders:
1. Please park on the south side of the square where there are no buildings if at all possible. This should allow us to all have clear shots of the buildings.
2. Bring a copy of the map mentioned in a previous update.
3. If you ordered one of the PhotoWalk shirts, please wear it!
4. The owners of Pat’s Auto Sales (Vintage & Muscle Cars & Trucks) have agreed to let us photograph the vintage fire truck in front of their business. They do request that PLEASE, we do NOT get on the truck at all. We are also welcome to shoot the cars in the fenced area but only through the fence. (Unfortunately previous photo groups haven’t been respectful and caused damage to their vehicles).
5. If you registered with other than your first/last name, please send an email to me with your name as you would like for it to appear on your name tag (
6. We have the delightful opportunity to meet Don Decker, owner of the Old West Coffee Shop. Don can regale you with his stories about owning 500 cows with Johnny (more often known as “John Wayne”). Don is an expert on the culture & history of the Old West and the American Indian and welcomes photography of the artifacts in the coffee shop where we will check in.
7. Addresses for your navigation systems: 110 W. Main Street, Pilot Point, TX (where we will initially meet) then 200 Sycamore Street, Aubrey, TX (Aubrey Fire Department). The Aubrey Fire Department is across the street from the Aubrey City Park where will actually leave our cars for exploring the abandoned peanut drying mill and the surrounding buildings. (We may even get lucky and have a train coming through!)
8. Optional gathering for lunch is planned for Mom’s Cafe (walking distance from where our cars will be parked!). It’s a fun time to compare notes and enjoy some country cooking.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call! Thanks for registering for our walk and we’ll see you on October 7!!

Let’s Look at a Map!September 13th, 2017

Although it was published in 2009, I think you’ll find this walking tour map most interesting! It tells the history of the buildings that comprise the Pilot Point Square. (Note that Bldgs #19-22 shown on the map are no longer there – they were destroyed in a fire). Fun to see the note saying “some stories are based on local folklore and legend”!

Walkers might want to bring along a copy of the map to enhance your walk experience!

Something to Look For in Pilot Point!September 11th, 2017

Ok – so, what does Thurber, TX, have to do with Pilot Point? At one corner on the square, look for the Thurber Brick Company logo on the red-orange bricks. Thurber, now a quick photo-stop 75 miles west of Fort Worth on I-20, was once home to Texas and Pacific Coal Company which also produced vitrified paving bricks. These very same bricks are not only found in Pilot Point, but they are also found in the Fort Worth Stockyards! Check out Thurber, TX – once home to 8,000-10,000 people, it’s now listed among the ghost towns in Texas and is a dusty stop in the road! …….. Just an interesting side note to our walk in Pilot Point!,_Texas

Let’s learn about Pilot Point!September 3rd, 2017

9/3/2017 Update

Historical Events for Pilot Point (copied from Wikipedia)

Pilot Point was platted on Christmas Day in 1853. G.W. Newcome was the surveyor, from Kentucky Town, Grayson County, Texas. The streets were laid out and lots were sold. One of the first buildings in the newly founded town was on the North side, a log building, home to the Star Drug Store operated by Dr. R.W. Eddleman and Alexander Cook, who came by covered wagon in 1852 from Missouri. Dr. Eddleman’s brother-in-law, Major James Walcott, also built a General Store on the Northeast corner of the new town square. The town got its name from being the highest point in the area, thus an observation point for crossing the Trinity River. The wagon pilots nicknamed it “the Pilot’s Point” long before there was a town. On October 13, 1908, several Holiness Christian groups came together and formed the Church of the Nazarene at Pilot Point. A memorial commemorating the event is located at the local Church of the Nazarene facility, approximately two blocks west of U.S. Highway 377. Other churches in the community hold particular historical significance in the community. First Baptist Church, Pilot Point Church of Christ and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church are among the oldest, continuously functioning Christian congregations in the community. First Baptist Church claims an 1856 founding date that precedes the Civil War. Pilot Point Church of Christ claims a founding date of 1864 and boasts that it currently occupies the meeting house built by church founders in 1874 from timber hauled by ox-drawn carts from Shreveport, Louisiana. St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church claims a founding date of the winter of 1891-1892. The Pilot Point Church of Christ and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church are designated as historical sites by the Texas Historical Commission. Rev. J.L. Truett (the brother of the famous pastor George W. Truett of First Baptist Church-Dallas fame) was the first pastor and founder of Calvary Baptist Church which formed in 1907.

The City of Pilot Point, Pilot Point Post-Signal (newspaper), and Skinner Cemetery are also sites of local historical significance and are designated sites by the Texas Historical Commission. A series of memorial markers permanently installed in the center of the town square commemorates the service of multiple generations of men and women from the community and area who sacrificed their lives in military service, primarily in the 20th century.

Pilot Point is well known for its horse ranches, including several world and national show horse champions.

We’ll have more updates as we get closer to walk day! Thanks for joining us!

  • Retha Moulder Looking forward to a fun and interesting walk!

  • Kathy Keith Just signed up! I was going to attend an evening walk but a conflict came up - so I'm glad I looked to see what else was available. This looks like a great walk! Thanks for offering it, Jackie. I'm coming from Carrollton, so I may need that coffee.

    • We may all want some coffee !! Looking forward to your joining us!

  • Kathy Keith Just spotted the official website:

  • klhodgeson Thanks for a fun and interesting morning Jackie! Where are we able to go to see everyone's photos? I am anxious to see all the different shots.

  • erika348 Thank you for leading the walk! I appreciate all of the time you spent making sure we had a great time.

  • klhodgeson Hi Jackie, Is there a way we can see the winning photo from our group's walk?

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