Saturday, October 7th, 2017 | 6:00am - 9:00am

Where We Will Meet

To Be Announced

Where The Walk Will End

Rizal Monument, Iriga City Plaza

About This Walk

Rise and shine to Iriga City’s tangible past!

Titled “Brise Soleil: Tracing Iriga City’s 50s Architecture,” this year’s photowalk focuses on the design, concept, style, or complexity of 1950s Iriga city structures, houses, edifices, monuments. The souvenirs of old Iriga aesthetics. Every city has a story, welcome to ours. Let’s walk down memory lane and take CREATIVE snapshots of our slowly diminishing legacies.

Capture them now before it’s too late!

Photowalk is open to amateurs, professionals, hobbyists, learners, observers, new kids on the block.

And — as usual — the rules apply:

  • We will pick the best photo as our bet to the Scott Kelby WorldWide Photowalk for a chance to win prizes. Make it Iriga vs the world.
  • Participants may submit only one (1) photo.
  • Photos must be taken during the walk (not before or after).
  • Photowalk is open to all ages, Irigueño or not, any type of camera.
  • Photowalk registration is for free.
  • Unfortunately, registration is limited to 50 pax only. But anybody may photowalk along.

But please bear in mind that we are still shooting under the genre of Street Photography.  So, conceptualize archi with street. To know more about SP click here.

And then we have some policies:

  • Observe utmost GMRC on the street.
  • No photos of violence, nudity, etc. you know the works.
  • Last but not least: have fun!

Walk route to be announced.

Comments, opinion, discussion, suggestions, recommendations are very much welcome.

Your body is built for walking. The eyes, for seeing.


ANNOUNCING the list of registered participants so far:

1. Sonny Zenitram Lagyap
2. Hernan Nuñez Malapo
3. Jana Sari Louise Breboneria
4. Jerry Eduardo Bonagua
5. Carl Anthony Gorgonia
6. Warren Verona
7. Franzyn Cabanting Dacara
8. Felix Cavanaugh Dash
9. JM Babybear
10. Gel Esplana
11. Annah Angeles
12. Murphy Pasion
13. Aleck No
14. Terence Verona
15. Raymark Barredo
16. Mary Karenzell Albia
17. Mabelle Alanis
18. Gian Carlo Recimilla
19. Fritz No
20. Eric Pabico
21. Jike Valencia
22. Ateneo Sta. Ines
23. Angel Jacinto
24. Rhandy Ibo
25. Ma. Teresa Ibo
26. Jian Jared Ibo
27. Dan Colarino
28. Ralph Buena
29. Oliva Oliver
30. Mabel Gonzales
31. Jaime Coralde III
32. Princess Tan
33. Jerameel Lu
34. Gene Harvey Amoroso
35. Jomar Onding












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