Saturday, October 7th, 2017 | 9:00am - 12:00pm

Where We Will Meet

McKee Park, on Chewitt St. Plenty of parking.

Where The Walk Will End

The Dominion House Restaurant

About This Walk

The walk will begin with a magnificent view of the West side of the Ambassador Bridge. This historical walk will follow the route of Russell St. past the Sandwich Windmill. We will visit the Duff Baby House site, considered the oldest standing building in Ontario. We will continue along Russell to Brock and head to Sandwich St. At Bedford Square, you will have many options. Continue photographing heritage architecture, browse through the quiet cemetery at St. John’s Anglican Church, explore the grounds of MacKenzie Hall. This neighbourhood was the site of the Battle of Windsor in 1837. This neighbourhood is also very proud of its rich and diverse history, having murals on many buildings’ sides that show people, events, and buildings of the past, such as Ms. B. McKewan Arnold, the great-niece of the famous Benedict Arnold, founding a hospital/nursing station in Sandwich, and of how slaves fled from the southern United States and the Confederate States to freedom in Sandwich through the Underground Railroad before slavery was abolished. The walk will wind up at the historic Dominion House restaurant, located not far from where this walk began.

  • ddemars Going to be a GreatTime!! Thanks for organizing this again this year Ted

  • sjc3414 We used to be able to see all the walkers who were signed up for the walk. Did they remove that? or is it just not showing up to me? Too bad, I liked being able to see who is coming!! Can't wait for this years walk, it's always so much fun!

  • sjc3414 FYI to anyone who may decide to purchase the T-shirt. When you click on the link in this site it takes you to the site, you need to switch to the site then search for the t-shirt under wwpw2017 and it will show up. You won't have to pay duties etc that way. I didn't do that and after emailing support with a question, the Customer service people were great and refunded my US order so that I could order from the .ca site and save the exchange and duties!

  • diane Letarte My first walk, which lens do you recommend

  • rothphotographics Looking forward to my first Walk, and I have had Duff Baby on my list for years!

  • Rhonda Shier I had to drop out. Will be out of town. Sorry. 🙁

  • Ted Kloske Thanks for walking with us everyone! What a perfect day!

  • Mark Erickson I thought fellow Sandwich Town walkers might be interested in viewing some of my photos. Here is a link to my Instagram profile: The freighter photos were taken with a Nikon D5000 and a 200 mm Nikkor

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