Saturday, October 7th, 2017 | 9:15am - 11:30am

Where We Will Meet

entrance plaza water feature in front of Education Center

Where The Walk Will End

Savory Thyme Cafe, in the Education Center

About This Walk

We’ll meet at the water feature, take our group photo then walk and shoot till 11:30 where we’ll meet back at the Savory Thyme Cafe. I’ll update soon with links where you can order a box lunch, eat, visit and share photos.

There are plenty of trails and exhibits to explore. I’ll work on getting a suggested trail mapped out shortly.

Unlike years past there is a per car fee to get into the arboretum of $14 (unless you’re a member of course) So you may want to carpool with another walker.

Hours, Directions & Prices

Here is the link to our walk/walkers Flickr page
It is there to share however many photos of the walk that you would like to. This is just for fun in addition to entering the contest. I’ll also be adding a few maps before the walk.

Remember you must sign up… and there’s a prize to the submitted winning photo. You do not have to share your photos to participate but you do have to sign up to walk. There should be plenty of time to eat and still get to the other local walks if you’re doing more than one.



Garden exhibits There are several gardens close to the parking areas that don’t require much walking.

hiking trails see our Flickr page for the suggested walk
trail map
events that day (may or may not be during our walk time)
art walk guide
garden exhibits
cell phone tours

The cafe asks us to order the box lunch so they can be prepared and so we can all eat together afterward instead of the ordering in line with their day guest. They are reserving an upper deck for us to eat at. Here’s the link below to the pdf menu to order – you call the Arobteum directly to place your order and pay for it in advance- at least 24 hours before 10/7/17. Just tell them you’re with the WWPW. Even though they’ll be reserving a spot for us to eat together – the walk handling food orders – call them directly.
“Please place your order 24 hours in advance of your arrival by calling 828-665-2492 ext. 232. We accept VISA, Master Card, and Discover Card”


Prizes if you choose to send a photo or video
Donate to Springs of Hope

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