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Los Angeles, CA United States (Hollywood Boulevard!!!)


Walk Leader

Jerry Weber

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Meeting Location & Time

6250 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA- United States

Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013

Time: 03:00pm - 06:00pm

Location Details: In front of the W Hotel and Hollywood/Vine Red Line Station

After the walk, meet at: Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill on Cahuenga Blvd.

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By Dani Dodge

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Meet Time: 03:00pm - 06:00pm

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Photo Walk Description

HOLLYWOOOOOOOD! Are you kidding me? I get to lead this group on world famous Hollywood Boulevard? The photo gods must be smiling!

Here’s your chance to check out what’s happening on one of the most well-known streets in the world. I’m talkin historic movie and stage theaters, dive bars and clubs, famous restaurants, a luxury hotel or two and the Pièce de Résistance—The Chinese Theater!

We’ll start right in front of the trendy new W Hollywood Hotel and Hollywood/Vine Red Line Station. If you want, forget the car and take the metro right to our starting place, which just happens to be the gateway of the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame.

From there we’ll walk West taking in all the sights and the wide variety of people who walk the Boulevard. It’s quite a melting pot. We’ll cross Hollywood Boulevard at Orange Drive which puts us right in front of Madame Tussauds and the Hollywood & Highland Center which houses the Dolby Theater and more than 875 shops and restaurants.

Buy a souvenir, get a Hollywood sign Tshirt, eat a snack and keep on shooting! Costumed characters will be posing for tips, fans will be putting their feet in the footprints of famous people at the Chinese Theater, and the photo opportunities will be endless. Which is why we will start our photo walk in the afternoon when the crowds will be the biggest!

After all that hullabaloo we’ll walk back East towards our meeting place (about 11 blocks if you’re keeping count) shooting all the way. We’ll check out the street performers and musicians, see the iconic Capitol Records building peeking over the rooftops, take in the Frederick’s of Hollywood mannequins modeling lingerie, encounter legendary dive bars like The Frolic Room (4 star rating on yelp!) and most of all, the people. More interesting people per square block or your money back!

We’ll work our way back to Cahuenga Boulevard where we’ll make a quick left to Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican Grill, have a healthy meal and congratulate ourselves on our amazing shots!

That’s it in the nutshell. So get ready ’cause it’s gonna be nothing but fun! Take the afternoon off and walk Hollywood Boulevard with me.

Clothing Suggestions
1. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. I’ll be wearing my usual zinc oxide with SPF 3000.
2. Hat for the sun
3. Water
4. Comfortable shoes
5. Dress down with plain clothes. It really helps in getting candid shots. And try not to look like a photographer for The National Geographic or TMZ. Unless of course you are one.
6. Leave your expensive watches and jewelry at home. Wear the old Casio and the cubic zirconia if you must.

In The Gear Bag
1. Business cards
2. Pen and folded up piece of paper
3. Antiseptic wipes to use after eating
4. Extra camera batteries
5. Extra formatted memory cards
6. Bring one or more lenses that can cover a shot in front of you and half a block down or across the street. Or just bring your iPhone. It’s all good. I like to pack light so I’ll be shooting with a 28mm-300mm lens. That’s it!

I’ll update the info here as we get closer to the walk date. So stay tuned!

    Leader News & Updates

  • By Jerry Weber ( 0 )
  • A Personal Note

    What a day! I’d like to thank everyone who took time out of their weekend to come to Hollywood Boulevard and shoot with me. I had a blast meeting all of you and getting some great shots. I hope you did as well.

    I wish each and every one of you success in all of your endeavors and I hope to see you again next year!

    Take good care,

  • How To Submit A Photo For The Contest

    On this walk page you’ll see a box where you can upload your best photo. The suggested dimensions are 1000px on the longest side at 72dpi, and the maximum file size is 1 MB.

    Once your image has uploaded, you’ll see it on screen and be able to confirm that you’ve uploaded the correct image. If you change your mind and want to submit a different image, you will have until the cutoff date (October 14 at 12:00 noon ET) to upload a new image. After that, no changes can be made.

    I will not see the upload box during the submission period because as a leader, I’m not able to submit a photo to the walker competition. I’ll see a gallery of the images that you all have submitted instead. Once the submission period has passed, I will then be able to choose the winning image from your walk.

    Remember, only one image can be submitted to the contest on the Worldwide Photo Walk site. But if you want to share more images, you can share them on Flick right here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/wwpw2013/pool/

    So go ahead, pick your best shot and submit it. Amazing prizes might come your way. ‘Ya never know…

  • Hollywood Boulevard Points Of Interest

    If you’re not immediately familiar with some historic hot spots on Hollywood Blvd. or if you’re having trouble getting to sleep at night, check out this list:

    1. TCL Chinese Theatre
    Movie theater on the historic Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard. Formerly Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and Mann’s Chinese Theatre, the current name of the theatre became official on January 2013 after TCL Corporation purchased the naming rights.

    The original Chinese Theatre was commissioned following the success of the nearby Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre, which opened in 1922. Built over 18 months, from January 1926 by a partnership headed by Sid Grauman, the theater opened May 18, 1927, with the premiere of Cecil B. DeMille’s film The King of Kings.

    It has since been home to many premieres, including the 1977 launch of George Lucas’s Star Wars, as well as birthday parties, corporate junkets and three Academy Awards ceremonies. Among the theater’s most distinctive features are the concrete blocks set in the forecourt, which bear the signatures, footprints, and handprints of popular motion picture personalities from the 1920s to the present day.

    2. Madame Tussauds
    Wax museum in London with branches in a number of major cities. It was founded by wax sculptor Marie Tussaud and was formerly known as “Madame Tussaud’s”; the apostrophe is no longer used. Madame Tussauds is a major tourist attraction displaying waxworks of historical and royal figures, film stars, sports stars and infamous murderers.

    3. The Hollywood & Highland Center
    Shopping mall and entertainment complex at Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue. The 387,000-square-foot center also includes the TCL Chinese Theatre and the Dolby Theatre (formerly known as the Kodak Theatre), home to the Academy Awards.

    The historic site was once the home of the famed Hollywood Hotel. Located in the heart of Hollywood, along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it is among the most visited tourist destinations in Los Angeles. The centerpiece of the complex is a massive three-story courtyard inspired by the Babylon scene from the D.W. Griffith film Intolerance. The developer of the shopping center built part of the archway and 2 pillars with elephant sculptures on the capitals, just as seen in the film, to the same full scale. It gives visitors an idea of how large the original set must have been.

    Tenants include 75 shops, two nightclubs and restaurants, a movie theater, The Highlands nightclub and Level 3 nightclub and a Lucky Strike Lanes bowling alley. The portion of the center facing Hollywood Boulevard houses retail tenants such as GAP, American Eagle, Sephora, and Express.

    Hollywood & Highland also houses 65,000 square feet of gathering spaces including the Grand Ballroom, used for the Oscars Governors Ball. Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck operates his regional headquarters out of the complex. The center also includes television broadcast facilities and the 637-room Loews Hollywood Hotel.

    4. Hollywood Walk Of Fame
    The Hollywood Walk of Fame comprises more than 2,500 five-pointed terrazzo and brass stars embedded in the sidewalks along 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks of Vine Street. The stars are permanent public monuments to achievement in the entertainment industry, bearing the names of a mix of actors, musicians, directors, producers, musical and theatrical groups, fictional characters, and others. The Walk of Fame is administered by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and maintained by the self-financing Hollywood Historic Trust.

    The Walk of Fame runs 1.3 miles east to west on Hollywood Boulevard from North Gower Street to North La Brea Avenue, plus a short segment of Marshfield Way that runs diagonally between Hollywood and La Brea; and 0.4 miles (0.7 km) north to south on Vine Street between Yucca Street and Sunset Boulevard.

    5. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
    Historic Spanish-style hotel located at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard. Named after Theodore Roosevelt and financed by a group including Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford and Louis B. Mayer, it first opened its doors on May 15, 1927. It cost $2.5 million ($33 million in today’s money or dollars) to complete this twelve-story building which holds 300 rooms and suites.

    The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel hosted the presentation of the 1st Academy Awards in 1929 inside its Blossom ballroom. Later ceremonies were much larger than this banquet for 250, so there was never an attempt to host the awards at the hotel a third time.

    There have been many rumors of hauntings at this hotel. Some involve celebrities, such as Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift, who lived at the hotel in the past. Others involve a little girl in a blue dress. There have also been reports of cold spots, photographic “orbs”, and mysterious phone calls to the hotel operator.

    6. El Capitan Theatre
    El Capitan Theatre is a fully restored movie palace at 6838 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood. The theater and adjacent building is owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company and as such, serves as the venue for many of the The Walt Disney Studios’ film premieres.

    7. Egyptian Theatre
    Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre opened on October 19, 1922 with the grand premiere of “Robin Hood” starring Douglas Fairbanks. With a seating of 1770. the approach to the theatre was through a courtyard. Inside, the stage was flanked by carved columns and models of the Sphinx. The theatre was the first Egyptian Theatre to be constructed in the US, which inspired many of the identically-named theatres that followed it.

    8. Pig ‘N Whistle
    Restaurant at 6714 Hollywood Blvdl, right next door to the Egyptian Theatre. A favorite of Shirley Temple and other Hollywood stars in the 30′s and 40′s, the cafe was restored in 2001 at a cost of $1.5 million. It’s a gem.

    9. Musso & Frank Grill
    Located at 6667 Hollywood Blvd. it’s the oldest restaurant in Hollywood. Sit in the dark wood booths where F. Scott Fitzgerald and Charlie Chaplin once dined. Plenty of Raymond Chandler ambiance.

    10. Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium
    Go to 6780 Hollywood Blvd., and you’ll find all the bizarre and the exotic you can shake a stick at.

    11. The Guinness World Records Exhibition
    See the famous Book of World Records brought to life at 6764 Hollywood Blvd.

    12. Janes House
    The Janes House is a Victorian cottage at 6541 Hollywood Boulevard,. It was built in 1903 when similar Victorian homes lined the boulevard (which was then called Prospect Avenue). But Janes House is now the last remaining residential house on the boulevard.

    It’s a beautiful, little two-story Queen Anne/Dutch Colonial Revival home, with shingled gables and fanciful turrets. Beginning in 1911, Janes House was a family-run school, “The Misses Janes School of Hollywood,” and its broad front yard was filled with the children of film industry VIP’s. Mary Ruth Janes and her three daughters ran the well-respected school, which offered education from kindergarten through eighth grade.

    Classes were often taught in the home’s shady back yard. The school attracted the children of early Hollywood celebrities such as Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, Cecil B. DeMille, Noah Beery, Jesse Lasky, and the Chandler Family who owned the Los Angeles Times.

    13. Museum Of Death
    The World Famous Museum of Death began in 1995 at 6031 Hollywood Blvd. when founders JD Healy and Cathee Shultz realized the void in death education in this country and decided to make death their life’s work.

    The Museum of Death is a self guided tour, lasting approximately 45 minutes to an hour, but those who can stomach it can stay as long as they like.

    14. Larry Edmunds Bookshop
    Larry Edmunds Bookshop has been in business for over 70 years at 6644 Hollywood Blvd. With an inventory of 500,000+ movie photographs, 6,000+ original movie posters and 20,000+ motion picture and theater books, there’s a lot of history to mull over here!

    Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of the entities listed above. I thought that reading about some of Hollywood Blvd.’s historic landmarks might add a little depth to your shooting.

  • And now, parking...

    Parking can be a little difficult around our meeting place which is across the street from the Pantages Theater and in front of the W Hotel and the Hollywood/Vine Red Line Station. If you can jump on the train and get off there, that’s the easiest option. Otherwise there are a few parking lots scattered around the immediate area on Hollywood Blvd., one in particular directly across the street from the W Hotel going East on Hollywood Blvd., which might charge $8-$10/day.

    I am going to try and find a metered spot on Hollywood Blvd. or one of the side streets near the W Hotel. I’m also going get there about 1/2 hour early just to find a spot. In summary, it’s basically catch as catch can.

    Here is a bit more information on available parking:

    More to come…

  • Let's Talk Prizes!

    I wanted to let you all know about the great prizes you could win by submitting your single best photo you took on the walk. Take a look here: http://worldwidephotowalk.com/prizes/
    You don’t have to submit a photo. But if you’re very happy with one you took, why not enter it?

    I’ll share with you a little later about how you submit the photos but first, Scott’s rules (there are NO RULES if you’re not going to enter a photograph):
    1. Photos submitted to the contest must be taken during the time of your walk. Walkers can’t come back to the location of your walk later (or show up earlier) and take more pictures.

    Everyone who is on your walk has the same opportunities to capture images during the walk. If walkers take pictures at a different time than everyone else, that creates an uneven playing field. And you are allowed to use flash if you like.

    2. Editing in Photoshop and Lightroom is perfectly alright. But no collages. And your edited photos can’t include anything that wasn’t taken during your walk. For example, you can’t drop in a sky that was taken on a different day.

    You can edit images to make them black and white, infrared, add contrast and saturation, remove distracting elements, create HDR images and panoramas, use plug-ins like OnOne, Nik, Topaz, etc.

    3. You will have until October 14 at 12:00 noon ET to submit a single image from your walk. You can change your mind and your image up until the cutoff date and time. Only one image can be submitted per signed-up walker.

    4. If you would like to share more than one image, by all means go to the Official Sixth Annual Worldwide Photo Walk 2013 flickr page and upload here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/wwpw2013/pool/

    That’s about it for now. More to come!


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