Saturday, October 7th, 2017 | 9:30am - 12:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Near the rock jetty just inside the park

Where The Walk Will End

tbd at pre-walk group photo if there's interest

About This Walk

(Photo Credit: Peter Herzog)
Join us for panoramic views of the Throgs Neck Bridge / Little Neck Bay / East River.  Venture about the historic Fort Totten Park (by foot or by bike, as cars are not allowed inside the park).  There are plenty of decaying, historic buildings to explore from the outside.  As time allows, we may also tour the Bayside Marina.  Any location within the Bayside area is fair game for this walk, even if self-guided.

I have been leading walks for the past few years, rain or shine, and we’ve always had a great time!  We encourage people to join my group on Facebook, Long Island Photowalkers to meet our walk participants and continue your friendship / learn who may be joining us, possibly even finding carpools with those you know.  Here is the link to that group (and yes, it was started in 2013) –

Updated winner selection dateOctober 13th, 2017

There has been a change in the voting schedule. Each walk leader now has till the end of Tuesday, October 17th (11:59 PM EDT) to select each individual walk’s winner. The deadline for submission has NOT changed and is still the end of this SUNDAY. We typically don’t get a lot of submitted entries, so submit yours and maybe yours will be the lucky one! Files must be under 5 MB. If you have trouble, contact

Walk PosterOctober 8th, 2017

Hi, I just uploaded our official “walk poster” as the image for our walk. Feel free to download it and print it if you so desire while the walk site is still live. Photo Credits go to Peter Herzog. (Thank you, Peter!)

I see most of you have not yet joined our group on Facebook. I encourage you to do so to allow you to see photos people have been sharing there from our walk:

The Contest Site is live! Please add your photos!October 8th, 2017

It was great seeing so many of you at our walk yesterday! I hope everyone who participated – even if we didn’t happen to see you ourselves – will upload their best photo and video for the free contest. You all have till next Sunday, 10/15/17 to do so. The place to enter these is under the “Contest” tab on our walk page. Best of luck to all – I hope to have many great ones to pick from from each of you! To read about the great things that are for the winners, click “Prizes” on the top of the screen from Scott Kelby’s site. I don’t think they give you a chance to upload a change once it is submitted, so be careful when doing so. The video entry requires a link, so best to put your video up on a place like YouTube or some other site that is visible to the public.

Look for Matt on walk dayOctober 6th, 2017

Walk day is tomorrow am! On walk day, please park in their lot and walk past the front gate to the path near the first rock jetty and look for Matt Jakowsky. Close to 10 am, those who are there in time from our group will gather for a group photo (optional to participate). Immediately after, the walk will kick off. That should start at approximately 10 am. You will need to know the exact time since we are, according to the rules, only allowed to submit photos from the same, 2 hour range. So, if you arrive late, please ask one of the other walkers for the end time. Also know that you are free to walk with the group or on your own, and you don’t have to walk for the entire 2 hours. You can also stay at the park after our walk and continue taking photos since, at noon, their historical exhibits should open up.

Please be sure to review the rules of the contest that are posted on this site and, of course, adhere to any of the posted rules for the park. There is a military, police and fire department presence that restricts access to certain areas. Whatever you do, be CAREFUL and do not venture into unsafe areas just “for the shot.” I will automatically disqualify any photos that appear to have been taken in an unsafe way or from areas that are off limits.

The main thing is, enjoy, make friends, and learn from each other. I, most likely, will not be able to join you do to a cold, so I am grateful that Matt Jakowsky and his wife, will lead the walk in my absence. Good luck and have fun!
Meanwhile, I encourage everyone to read all of the posts on our event and check out Scott Kelby’s site for all of the questions there might be about the walk itself. Have fun, exercise caution, and enjoy! I’ll look forward to seeing all of your posts of your best from the walk! – Ilene

Please email meOctober 1st, 2017

Please share your email and cell number with me at to make it easier to reach you the day of our walk, should weather affect our start time. I also encourage everyone looking to stay in touch with others from our walk to join my photo group on Facebook:

If, by chance, your plans change and you find yourself unable to attend, kindly update your RSVP to help us better gauge the number of attendees.

Thank you and see you there!
– Ilene

Map and starting pointSeptember 27th, 2017

I can’t seem to include a photo of a map on these updates, but you can view ours with the interactive map on the event itself. Or Google Fort Totten Park in Bayside, Queens,-73.7791031,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c28a468315c56d:0xe0e439964eb38779!8m2!3d40.7927954!4d-73.7769144

The starting location is on the path on your left, just inside Fort Totten Park, where we will gather first for our group photo with the rock jetty and the bridge in the background.

Important info for those who will be on our walk:September 27th, 2017

When you arrive, park in the lot. There are bathrooms for those who need them, but probably not elsewhere in the area. Plan accordingly!

We will initially meet on the path just inside Fort Totten, near the rock jetty for our group photo taken between 9:30 and 10 am. After that, our walk will begin and people can choose to follow the group or head off on their on directions. When you enter, do not ask the guard at the entrance about our walk as they are not at all involved in it and have no information about it. We do not have a permit as it is not required. To avoid any unforeseen issues, please stagger your arrival with other photographers and always be respectful to any officials present!

Important info for those who will be on our walk:
1. You must obey all signs and rules of the park and the fort itself. That includes staying out of unauthorized areas. And for your safety, please stay out of the water and off of the jetties! And do not drive while taking photographs, as that is dangerous and illegal! Any photos taken while risking harm to one’s self or others will automatically be disqualified from our contest!
2. By participating, you agree to hold harmless the organizers of the walk for any injury or damage to property to themselves or others.
3. This walk is for those who are 18+ years old.
4. The Bayside Marine is walking distance for those interested, though not sure if it will be open that day. Those who drive to it will need to park on the streets and take the pedestrian bridge over the Cross Island as the parking by the marina is only for boat owners.
5. We probably cannot see inside the fort structures itself since they do not offer tours for that. Just don’t want anyone to be disappointed. But there will be plenty to see along the shoreline, including the bridge and the views across the water.
6. There is a 7-11 at 208-22 Cross Island Pkwy between the park entrance and the bridge, on the other side of the Cross Island Parkway.
7. The nearest restaurants are in Bay Terrace Shopping Center off Bell Blvd at x32 off the Cross Island Parkway, south of Fort Totten. I recommend Ben’s Kosher Deli, at 211-37 26th Ave, Bayside. There is also a Five Guys, Panera, Applebees and Outback Steakhouse there. We will decide whether to have a lunch gathering the day of the event, based on people’s availability after the walk.

Please print out the below map and bring it with you the day of the walk.

  • ischuss Though it's not required to do so for walkers, I'd like to encourage each of you to make a donation of any size to a charity near and dear to my heart: Huntington's Disease Society of America (HDSA). I'm participating in a walk to benefit those affected by this unstoppable, incurable genetic illness, which devastates entire families, as it did to my late husband, Lenny. Please visit this link and give whatever you can - it all makes a difference in helping others in need!

  • ischuss To those of you who are interested in connecting with other walkers and photographers from the Long Island area, please join our group on Facebook:

  • ischuss Fort Totten's Mysteries Revealed

  • ischuss The following rules must be followed: 1. You may only submit one photo 2. Collages aren’t allowed, as they are technically more than one photo. However, composite photos are allowed, provided all of the involved images were taken at the walk. 3. Photos must be taken during the walk 4. The following editing is allowed: - From color to black and white - Infrared - Add contrast and saturation - Remove distracting elements - Create HDR and panoramas - Use of plug-ins such as OnOne, Nik, Topaz, etc. - Watermarks are allowed but aren’t required Important dates: Sunday,10/8 – Sunday,10/15 – Walker/Leader Photo and Video Contests Sunday, 10/15 – Each walk's leader will select its winning Photos Monday, 10/23 –10/29 People's Choice Voting The week of 10/29 – Grand Prize, 10 Finalists, Leader Contest and video contest will be announced The winner of our walk will receive Scott Kelby's Photoshop CC for Digital Photographers e-book. The winning photo from each group will go on to compete at the world-wide level for prizes. Scott Kelby will review all the individual walk winner’s photos and pick 1 Grand Prize Winner of the Walker Photo Contest and 10 Finalists. All participants will get to vote on their favorite photo from all of the group winners around the world as the People’s Choice Award. If there are any youth photos or videos submitted from our group, I will judge them and send the winning ones on to the world-wide competition, which will be judged by Scott Kelby,

  • ischuss Below are instructions for adult walkers to submit their photos and videos: Login to your account at Click Your Walk in the top navigation bar. Click on the Contest tab on the walk page. For the Photo Contest, scroll down to the Photo Contest section, click Choose Your File and select your contest photo from your computer. Click the, "Upload Image" button. For the Video Contest, scroll down to the Video Contest section and fill out the Video Title and Video URL fields and click the "Submit" button. You will be redirected to a confirmation page upon successfully submitting your entry. Good luck to all!

  • ischuss As per official rules, we must cap this walk at 50 for the contest. However, we will NOT be taking attendance. If you want to make sure you will have a spot, you'll need to officially register. But anyone who has a camera and shows up is welcome to participate, even cell phones and (dare I even think it?) film cameras! Even if we never see you, you can still enter our contest IF you signed up on Scott Kelby's site AND your entry was taken at our official walk site during the official walk time for our group. So if you're shy or the loner type, or if you must come late or leave early, you're still welcome to be a part of the fun!

  • ischuss Could Peter and anyone else who took group photos please send them to me at or post them on this facebook group: Thank you!

  • ischuss There seems to be a problem with the Scott Kelby website as I can only view ONE submission on it (no name attached to it that I can see at this point). I'm asking everyone who successfully uploaded one to the contest by the deadline (which was 11:59 pm on Sunday) to please email it ASAP with your name to or upload it to this facebook group I am following up with their tech support to find out what's going on. I'm supposed to pick a winner by tomorrow. Thanks!

  • ischuss The staff at Scott Kelby just replied that they are extending the deadline for submissions and have opened the contest up again until midnight tonight, Monday, October 16. Please submit or resubmit in case something happened to the one you uploaded before. They have, for the moment, taken away the ability for me to see the one photo that was submitted, which was an infrared photo of the side of a building with golden background and white trees. I don't know whose that was and have no idea what photos will be visible to me after this second period of contest entry ends. I'll keep you all posted. Good luck!

  • ischuss Ok now I can see 7 submitted entries but I need to hear from each of you who entered to make sure they're all there now. Again, please email a copy of your photo to me today at You all have till 11:59 today 10/16 to get yours submitted.

  • ischuss Thank you to all who participated in our photos walk and to those who submitted such wonderful images! After careful deliberation, I'm proud to announce the winning image from Richard Cohen! His photo will go on to compete in the worldwide contests! All of the photos entered can be viewed by clicking on the Submissions tab. Other walk groups' photos can be seen as they select their winning images. Please be sure to give a like to Richard's photo in the People's Choice Contest 10/23-10/29!

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