Saturday, October 7th, 2017 | 9:30am - 11:30am

Where We Will Meet

Alex Ginsburg Photographics

Where The Walk Will End

Alex Ginsburg Photographics

About This Walk

This will be a nature hunt to search out interesting imagery.  Unlike many photo safaris, there will not be any obvious photographic landscape vistas.  This means we will have to dig a little deeper than those in other cities to find the hidden beauty.  We’ll be walking through a few short park trails but there are not any tough hills so any age can participate.  There are prizes for photo/video winners, plus, there is a separate prize category for photographers 16 and under.

I’d like this experience to be mostly fun.   This is an opportunity to start seeing things in a more creative way plus enjoy sharing each other’s ideas.  As the leader of this Photowalk and  Master Photographer for the past 28 years (, I also teach basic photography, so I’ll be there to help if you get stuck technically.  Perhaps you’ll create the next William Eggleston ( masterpiece, but, if not, who cares…as long as you enjoy the experience. Right?

Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes.  A little bug spray wouldn’t hurt.

I’ve started very very late to plan this Photowalk on Saturday, October 7th..  My apologies.  Please tell your friends ASAP so we can have a nice crowd but there is a limit of 50 participants.  Your participation is FREE.  However, we would like to raise the awareness of Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya and maybe collect a few dollars from any donation you’d like to share.


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