Saturday, October 1st, 2016 | 7:30am - 10:30am

Where We Will Meet

We will be meeting in the East end of Robert Moses parking Field 5

About This Walk

Hosted by Canon USA


Beginners, amateurs, advanced amateurs, and professionals are welcome! No matter your skill level, you will come home with some beautiful photos!


After meeting in the East end of Robert Moses Field 5, we will be taking the easy walk along the boardwalk towards the Fire Island Lighthouse.

Along the way, we could encounter white tail deer, red fox, rabbit, and some raptors.


There are ample macro opportunities along the way, excellent shots of beach flora with the light house in the background, as well as some interesting perspective photos by using the boardwalk.



Bring long glass if you have it, macro lenses, and of course the wide angles. A polarizing and neutral density filter is always a good idea if the sun is out.


It can get buggy, so bring some bug spray, and in case of inclement weather, a rain jacket and camera protection. This photo walk is rain or shine.. you can still take amazing photos even in the rain!


Looking forward to see you!!

  • Len Musmeci This is going to be fun! I'm bringing the whole family!

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