Saturday, October 7th, 2017 | 9:00am - 12:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Meet in front of the Georgetown Court house steps on 7th .

Where The Walk Will End

Meet up at Roots Bistro its on 8th across from Courthouse.

About This Walk


First we will take a Group Photo on the Court House steps at 9 AM.

Parking may be tough since i just found out that the Farmers Market is going on at the same time .

We’ll be walking a 4 block square  of Historic Georgetown with  Shops  galore with cool window displays , a interesting coffee shop to photograph and get you pick me up for the morning . We will go 1-2 blocks of the Square there are some older homes with very beautiful remodeled Front Porch’s . We have Statues throughout each block.

A must spot to Photograph is the Courthouse inside they have a great Marble looking  staircase  and  in the center is the  Dome very interesting curves also we have lots of great Architecture around the square you’ll want to check out the Onion Dome at the Gumbo’s Restaurant.

We  need to check the office of The Williamson County Sun newspaper they have a gorgeous “paper lady” they set out on the bench outside there office you’ll be surprised. We’ll also check out  Grape Creek Wines hoping they have there Butler outside there shop .

Hope to see you in Georgetown its a neat place to visit and photograph lets go have some fun.

Tennis shoes are best its concrete everywhere and the plan is to eat at Roots Bistro it’s  a fairly large place and can hold 50.

I’ve been photographing for 9 yrs. love to be outdoors all the time (except when its 100 degrees). I’ve taught a few beginners classes I consider my self an experienced photographer and I will be glad to help anyone who needs help . I use a Canon Rebel if you use any other brands please bring your manual.


Submitting one photoOctober 8th, 2017

Hi all,
Thanks so much for participating in the Kelby Photo Walk it was a great morning not to hot and Lunch was very good. I’m sorry the courthouse wasn’t open that stair case is cool to photograph and the “paper lady” at the Williamson Sun Newspaper is to cool i hope you get back down to Georgetown maybe during the week and are able to see what im talking about.

The Contest Tab is up on YOUR WALK you can submit ONE of your favorite photos and upload it to be voted on. Only one photo from our Walk (that day only) will be chosen then sent off to Scott Kelby to pick the winning photos. There will be prizes awarded so keep a look out via your email i believe after the 15th.. Everything you want to know is on the website (don’t forget to login first) just read it all. Remember only ONE photo taken from the day of the Walk can be submitted. It looks like there is no restriction in size to send for those who are unsure I’d say crop or size your photo to an 8×10 (300ppi) would be a nice file size to send. If you need help you can send me your photo via email and i’ll resize it for you and then email it back to you and then you upload it .
So Login got your walk click on the Contest tab and upload your image follow any other instructions they give you.
Whether you think its a winner or not please submit one right away you”ll be representing our walk.

Now on another note: our Group photos. I would like to send you all a copy of 2, one with the Thumbs up ( it looks great by the way ) and a regular group photo so please contact me via my email because i do not have every ones email address if I don’t here from you then i know you don’t want a copy. I do not have your emails so you have to contact me.
I didn’t get a chance to meet a few of you I’m sorry about that. I’d like to do another Walk next year so mark you calendars for next year.
Below is instructions on how to submit a photo to the contest.
1. Login to your account at (this is where you need your user name and password)
2. Click Your Walk in the top navigation bar.
3. Click on the Contest tab on the walk page.
4. For the Photo Contest, scroll down to the Photo Contest section, click Choose Your File and select your contest photo from your computer. Click the, “Upload Image” button. For the Video Contest, scroll down to the Video Contest section and fill out the Video Title and Video URL fields and click the “Submit” button.
5. He or she will be redirected to a confirmation page upon successfully
submitting his or her entry.

Thanks again for participating everyone it was great pleasure meeting you all.
Sherry McRae
cell: 512-966-5787

Reservations at Roots BistroOctober 6th, 2017

Hi all,
Just wanted to let you know that I have a reservation for us at Roots Bistro set for 11:30 under my name Sherry McRae.
You do not have to eat there I’m sure once you see the other restaurants that are down there you might pick one of them which is A OK with me .
I also found out the “paper Lady” that usually sits out in front of the Williamson Newspaper will not be out since they are closed on the weekend but take a peak through the window she might be right inside it makes for some interesting photos.
See you tomorrow.

If you can not make the Photo WalkOctober 6th, 2017

If you can not make the Photo Walk please go into the website and cancel your
registration i have a waiting list for a few more folks.
If you want to call me here’s my cell 512-966-5787(sherry) reception can be bad in spots so just leave a message if i don’t pick up. hope to see you all Saturday.

Parking Issues for Downtown GeorgetownOctober 6th, 2017

I just found out that the Farmers Market is going on the same time we will be downtown so parking will be miserable. There are a few parking lots all around the square but i think the vendors will have most of them taken up .
There is one down by the Georgetown Library on 8th and Rock its been expanded on to a grassy area you would only have to walk about 2 blocks up to the Square. There is parking along the streets and in front of the Court House but not sure how many parking places will be open.

  • Shutterbug512 To all Georgetown Photo Walkers. There will be a Farmers Market going on same time we'll be there so parking will be tough. There is a nice size parking lot across from the Georgetown Library on 8th. Its on the West side of the street and only a 2 block walk to the Square. There are other lots at 9th and Main, 6th and Main, 3rd. and Rock that'a all i know of right now and i have a feeling the vendors will have most of these taken up . There is street parking also so try to plan ahead . As far as restaurants there are plenty the goal is to eat at Roots between 11:30-12:00 (118 W 8th St ) but go anywhere you like . I will be at the Court House with the Tripod set up for the Group photo. Weather looks great so we'll see you then. Sincerely, Sherry McRae

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