Saturday, October 7th, 2017 | 8:45am - 11:00am

Where We Will Meet

Worthing Park - The sculpture garden and seating area.

Where The Walk Will End


About This Walk

Hello photo-walkers! Welcome to the Downtown Delray Beach photowalk event area. For approximately two hours or so, we’ll stroll the streets of downtown Delray Beach and capture some of the sights and happenings in this vibrant, intimate town with big city sophistication. We’ll keep it casual and have ample opportunity to shoot, chat and ask questions about the city, photography and techniques. I’ve been photographing Delray Beach for over 30 years and have some great spots to share and hope to discover new opportunities with you. More information will be forthcoming, including the route and meeting spots as soon as they are secured. Stay tuned!

Initial Meeting Place & Hurricane Irma UpdateSeptember 5th, 2017

Good morning everyone. In light of today’s latest report (Irma being a category 5 storm) I urge all of you to take the proper precautions and preparations. Especially if you’re out shooting the storm please be safe. In the meantime we’re planning to meet at 8:45AM at Worthing Park the day of the Photo Walk. This is the green right in front of Park Tavern & Salt 7 on Atlantic Avenue. It’s between 1st and 2nd avenues and there’s ample parking around the area as well – including a few public lots & garages. I’m finalizing some after-walk meeting spots now and will also post the route soon.

There’s also a great opportunity for those of you who wish to see/shoot the sunrise on the beach that Saturday AM, to meet a few of us ‘regulars’. Please let me know if you’re interested in this activity as well. It’s a great time and opportunity to see the sunrise off the ocean horizon and have plenty of time for a break before the photowalk. If interested, please let me know here or via Instagram. My user name is “russellackner” – looking forward to it!

Please prepare accordingly, be safe and stay tuned for more!


Finalizing Route & Meeting Places Soon!August 10th, 2017

Good day walkers! I’m looking to finalize the route we will be taking shortly. As well as the first & last meeting spots for the day. The goal is to make it easy & safe for everyone involved with good parking and fun spots to experience along the way. If there are any special requests, feel free to comment and I’ll try to accommodate. I’ll start posting semi-weekly updates with more tips as well. Many thanks and stay tuned. Happy sh00ting!

  • Russell Ackner If anyone who's signed up for the walk here has any questions please post them for the group. I plan on being as prepared as possible for all of us to have an excellent few hours together. Thanks in advance and we are less than a month away!

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