Saturday, October 7th, 2017 | 12:00pm - 8:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Jollibee, Guadalupe (along EDSA)

Where The Walk Will End

Circuit Lane Mall

About This Walk

  1. The walk will focus on Cityscape, architectural, active lifestyle of the people in urban area, and things that walkers notice in its surrounding. This walk will help the photowalkers to be keen in their surroundings and expand their imagination when it comes to art of photography. For walkers, enjoy the walk, just shoot and shoot until you capture the right moment.

Here are some tips that can help you make your photowalk experience fun, enjoyable and worthwhile.

1. Aside from your camera, make sure to also BRING WITH YOU ESSENTIAL PHOTOGRAPHY GEAR. However, since you will be moving around a lot, you should not bring too much. In the case of lenses, for example, take only two or three (including a telephoto) with you. Using a tripod is important for a lot of photographers, but for a photowalk, it might not be a good idea as carrying it around can wear you down – unless it is a smaller more portable tripod. If you really want something that can somehow help with the stability of your camera,

2.check weather updates. It’s your choice whether to proceed with the activity if the weather is too hot or too cold.

3. Wear comfortable clothes. Think of the photowalk as an outdoor adventure – so you should dress appropriately. Your shoes should be comfortable and sturdy. Your clothes should protect you from the heat or the cold, depending on what the weather is. If you choose to wear pants, choose one with a lot of pockets so you can stuff some of your things inside them. Wear sunblock if the sun is high.

4. it is important to not only take wide shots but also to take a few close ups. This will be especially useful if you come across patterns or if you find something you are interested in but cannot really get close to it. An example is a photo of a mother carrying her child outside their home, which is located under the bridge.

5. You should always leave your camera on. This way, you won’t miss any interesting opportunity, scene or image the minute you see one.

6. The best way to take the most interesting photos is to find a spot where you can stand and then look in every direction of the place. Find an area that’s slightly elevated so it will be easy for you to take in the whole surroundings. A good 360° view of your photowalk location will open up windows of opportunity.

7. Be aware. Take notice of your surroundings; don’t focus your all into your camera. Look around; look at the activity around you. Immerse yourself in what’s happening around you. Don’t get lost in your viewfinder. In order to take good photos, you have to have an understanding of the subject/s you are trying to capture.

8. LASTLY, Keep up the high spirits, be happy for the real passion for your photography which has brought you to the streets, enjoy it with your peers.

Disclaimer: The UEL Photowalk at BGC is exclusive only for UE Students. We cannot accommodate outsiders as per university policy. We hope you understand.

  • John Kevin Bautista UE-Litratista Lets go! :)

  • KurlDee Let's do this, LITRATISTAS!

  • Joel Nilo kita kits

  • Roxanne Lizza Mayo Please be informed we will have a pre-meeting for photowalk on Saturday. Meeting will be held at CCSS Building 2nd flr. Room 210, 4:30 - 6:30 pm, Please attend for distribution of ID and Shirt

    • Rogel Tura Miss, dito na ho kami. 11AM pa po ako. Sana susundin natin ang nakasaad sa post kung saan ang meet up place.

    • Rogel Tura Miss Roxanne, kindly address my question kung ano ang nangyari kanina? Pinahintay niyo kami. I will make a report about this incident kasi feeling ko kayo lang ang nagPhotoWalk to avoid competition with other photographers na hindi ninyo ka kilala o tropa.

  • Joel Nilo kala ko sa market market ang meeting place

    • Kenneth Raeneil Frondoso Yun nga. Biglang nagbago.

      • Rogel Tura We waited for 2 hours. No one texted or replied here.

  • Rogel Tura Dito na kami sa Jollibee Guadalupe (EDSA). Ito number ko 09271341903. Paki clarify lang po ng meet up please kasi di ako taga Maynila at di ko kabisado ang lugar. Sinunod ko lang yong meeting place. Salamat.

  • Rogel Tura Guys, what’s going on here!? We been here since 12NN sa Jollibee along EDSA. Walk leader where are you? Can anyone send us an update or text message.

  • Rogel Tura What happened to this walk? Parang na HintayWalk kami ah!

  • Roxanne Lizza Mayo Hello, this is the admin of UE-LITRATISTA. We are very sorry for the incovenience we've caused during the photowalk. This walk was actually intended for registered UE LITRATISTA MEMBERS only which means students of University of the East Manila only. We've notified everyone who wanted to join this walk that we don't accommodate outsiders in the first place. Our priority is the safety and security of our walkers - Litratista walkers. We don't even know or have been notified that there are outsiders have jouned the said walk. For your concern, you must or atleast message us in our official page so that there will be clear agreement between the two party. We even produce our own Photowalk IDs and Shirt to make it more official and discreet. We hope you understand, thank you for the comments. We'll make sure to do our best efforts next time. God bless.

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