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Dallas, TX United States


Walk Leader

Michael Wayne Walker

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Meeting Location & Time

300 North Market Street, Dallas, TX- United States

Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013

Time: 04:15pm - 07:00pm

Location Details: West End DART Rail Station at North Market Street end

After the walk, meet at: a nearby restaurant to be determined

Best photo for this location

By Jim Thomas

Walker Photos

Below are all walker photos that have been uploaded and entered in the 2014 Photo Walk photo contest.

  • Leo Sharpe

  • Sreejit Ankarath

  • Jim Thomas

  • Brian Anderson

  • Catherine Anderson

  • Ken Stroud

  • Kevin Biles

  • Andrew Mixayphone

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Meet Time: 04:15pm - 07:00pm

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Photo Walk Description

This is the sixth time I have led a Photowalk associated with Scott Kelby in Dallas. I am going to lead a totally unique “walk” this year.

Instead of shooting in the morning like all the previous walks, we will be shooting in the sweet twilight of evening this year. From our meeting point we will walk South on the West end of downtown. We have buildings that are new and modern, and ones that are older, at least for Dallas and historical. After walking for awhile, we will hop aboard Dart and finish the walk doing a “DART walk”. This is where we start at one Rail station photographing all around that station. Not just the rail station itself but all around the area within a short walk of the station. Then when the next train arrives, or at a pre-arranged time, we board the next train and travel to another rail station and photograph around that station. We continue until the walk is finished, at which point we will ride back to our starting point and enjoy a meal together. This will require all participants to purchase a $5 Day Pass (if the cost of a rail pass is a problem for you let me know and I will make sure you will have one donated for you).

This element of a ‘DART walk’, will improve your photography skills in one interesting aspect. You will have to be quick. Find your shot, take it, work it, shoot again if needed, then move on. This will teach you to see, shoot, and move. Too many of us just sit and shoot, and shoot, and shoot; never developing the ability to visualize what you are trying to accomplish, doing that and then moving to the next image. You will learn how to see potential images quickly, thereby getting more images.

For those who may be interested we may continue shooting after our meal for some nighttime images of downtown for a few more hours.

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