Saturday, October 7th, 2017 | 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Photographic Arts Building, Balboa Park

Where The Walk Will End

Photographic Arts Building, Balboa Park

About This Walk

We will start and finish at the Photographic Arts Building in Balboa Park which is home to the Southern California Association of Camera Clubs and we ill eat somewhere in the Park partway through the walk. See the crown jewel of San Diego as it’s never been seen before. Go behind the scenes and see the true wonders of the park as we guide you to some of the less traveled and rarely seen areas of the Park.

We meet in the Photographic Arts Building (1780 Village Place) at 3pm. Here we will give you a walk briefing, talk about the walk and where we plan to stop for refreshments.

ContestOctober 9th, 2017

Don’t forget to enter the contest; Submit one photo or video on the contest tab.

Also, please send me your 5 favorite images to share with Balboa Park. Your photo may be featured on their website or the Maker Faire event page for 2018. Submit your photos to

Thanks for walking with us!

Walk UpdateOctober 3rd, 2017

Hey Everyone,

We are less than a week away from the big event and we want to share a few updates about the walk with you.

But first, the weather. Expect mostly sunny skies. Saturday will be the hottest day of the week with highs in the 80’s. Bring sunblock, light clothing and comfortable shoes. We will have water for you at the Photographic Arts Building Balboa Park but it’s always good to bring some just in case.

Saturday is also Maker Faire San Diego 2017. Parking is going to be a bit of a challenge so get there early. The building opens at 9am for Poly Photo Club’s monthly competition. You are welcome to attend if you want to come see some world-class photography in competition but seating will be limited.

If street parking is a no-go and you’ve tried to find parking in the surrounding lots then the President’s Way lot is your friend. You can take the Balboa Park Tram over to the Prado and walk over to the building–or just walk down Park Blvd.

Now the fun stuff

This year the walk will be covering the Maker Faire. It is a fun event with lots of street photography goodness.
Darkroomers Photographic Club is the official club photographing the 2017 Maker Faire. Those of you coming on the walk with us will have an awesome opportunity to go behind the scenes and photograph things not available to the general public. We have a swath of lanyards that will get you into the restricted areas to photograph. Expect to see a lot of cosplay, people making stuff, some crazy mechanicals and a lot of dogs (for some reason)… Details and lanyards will be provided at the pre-walk briefing. Try to get to the building before 2:30 so that we can check you in.

The Scott Kelby walk is known for everyone grabbing a beverage and snack. We are pleased to offer Food Trucks! The Maker Faire will have a boatload of Food Trucks–something to satisfy every palette! So the plan is to finish the walk at 6 so grab something from one of the food trucks and meet at the PAB at 6. We will talk, laugh and share our experience together with Food Truck food!

Checkout the photos from past Maker Faires on our Facebook page:

It’s a fun event and we are so excited to share this with you!

Meeting PlaceSeptember 11th, 2017

Several of you were asking about where to meet and park as the walk details do not show this.

We meet in the Photographic Arts Building: 1780 Village Place at 3pm where you will receive a pre-walk briefing. Park in either the South Carousel or Fleet parking lots if you can. The Zoo or the Street are your fallback options if you’re unable to find parking.

  • Kathryn Cunningham Just checking to ensure my registration for your walk was received. Thank you.

    • JeffryBooher Your'e in!

  • Ginger Wilson When do we find out the address for the web site for our Balboa walk? I am looking forward to the walk. Is the Photographic arts building open? I do want to walk through it, especially if there is a display or show up.

    • JeffryBooher We meet inside the Photographic Arts Building 1780 Village Place (adjacent to Spanish Village); Park in the South Carousel or Fleet Lots.

  • Ginger8ytrew 1649 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101. Where is the best place to park?

    • JeffryBooher The Photographic Arts Building -- 1780 Village Place. Park in either the South Carousel or Fleet lots. You may also park at the Zoo or on the street.

  • JeffryBooher Maybe like $10? It's hard to say.

  • Christopher Jeffry, thanks for organizing the event. How many participants will you permit, and is this event co-sponsored by a local photography group? I'm hoping to join one soon and thought this may acquaint me with a few of the members?

  • m8wilson Where can we see the winning photo you chose for the walk

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