Saturday, October 7th, 2017 | 9:00am - 11:00am

Where We Will Meet

The building at the end of the parking lot.

Where The Walk Will End

The parking lot

About This Walk

I invite you to join me for a relaxing photo walk through nature and history… Any and all skill levels are welcomed, and what you use to shoot with is up to you, if you’re comfortable shooting with a cell phone, have at it!

This is one of my favorite places to enjoy nature, and it’s rich in Indiana history. I can spend hours here, and will probably stay after the walk, or return if anyone wants to do lunch and share favorite spots and photos.

About the location…

In 1822, fur trade pioneer Joseph Bailly established a trading post on the southern shore of Lake Michigan. He acquired the homestead and surrounding lands in the 1830s. Bailly Homestead was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1962 and is preserved by the National Park Service.

The original house has been restored to its 1917 appearance and, during the summer, is open for scheduled tours. Other buildings on the property include a two-story log cabin which served as a summer kitchen prior to being used as a chapel, a brick house that was built in 1874 by Bailly’s daughter, Rose Howe, and a storehouse. The Bailly Cemetery is located about a half mile north of the homestead.

Chellberg Farm was established by Swedish immigrants, Anders and Johanna “Kjellberg,” who purchased 80 acres in Porter County in the 1870s to establish a modest family farm. Three generations of the Chellberg family lived there and in the 1930s, started to tap the property’s maple trees to produce syrup.

Along with the historical buildings and cemetery (if anyone is interested, and time allows it) we can hike part of the diverse Little Calumet Trail. It would include hiking through a forest dominated by maple, beech, basswood, and oak trees. We’d follow a stretch of the Little Calumet River, once a critical transportation route for early regional travelers, and explore the recently restored Mnoké Prairie for a glimmer of the vast stretches of pre-settlement grasslands.

Trail Length – 3.7 miles
(Bailly/Chellberg loop: 2.1 miles;
Little Calumet loop: 1.6 miles).
Average Hike Time – 45 minutes to
2 hours.
Trail Surface – Packed soil and wood
chips; stairs.
Difficulty – Easy to moderate; mostly
flat, but with some steep grades and

For more information:

ContestOctober 7th, 2017

Just so everyone knows, the contest opens tomorrow, 10/8. Also, I posted the group photo to Scott Kelbys Facebook page. It’s in the comments of his group photo.

  • Christine Bushby Less than a month away! I was thinking we could have lunch at Gelsosomo's in Chesterton. It's about 10 minutes from our walk location. If everyone that would like to do lunch is ok with that, I'll ask for a lunch headcount a few days before, so I can call ahead.

  • Nancie Tharp How many peeps do you have for this Christi?

    • Christine Bushby So far, 10

  • Christine Bushby Well... As of this moment, weather pages are saying there's a 50% to 70% of light rain for the entire area in the morning. I have a few thoughts. Either we take our chances, reschedule the walk to later in the day, (3 to 5 maybe with dinner instead of lunch), or change to an indoor location at the current time. I've been racking my brain for an indoor location with no luck. I'm open to any ideas for an indoor location change depending on everyone's answers...

  • Christine Bushby If there is no response to my previous comment, the walk will stay as scheduled and we'll take our chances....

  • Christine Bushby So I sent an update to everyone.. I realized walkers weren't notified of the discussion...

  • Scott Miller What is the plan? 8, 9 or 10a? With the weather and the question last night wasn't sure what the final decision was

  • 123redlight Christine, so sorry I lost the group. Had a great time anyway. It was a pleasure to meet you and Wes.

  • Mike Magiera Hi Christine, I'm sorry I was a no show, I had a family emergency Friday that carried into Saturday and just couldn't make it....

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