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Anaheim, CA United States

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Mike Sweeney

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, Anaheim, CA- United States

Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013

Time: 07:45am - 11:30am

Location Details: Downtown Disneyland at Monorail Station

After the walk, meet at: French Market Restaurant

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Meet Time: 07:45am - 11:30am

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Photo Walk Description

Come one, come all to the Disneyland version of the Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk. We cover a dozen “Lands” in our travels around Disneyland. This walk is for the traditional Disneyland and many of us afterwards go over to California Adventure to extend our visit. Bring your iPhones/Smartphones for a special treat as I have a special tricks for using your smartphone/iPhone as a travel camera with spectacular results. Bring your DSLR or even your film camera for a morning of fun. Be warned that the “official” policy of the park is lens of 7 inches or less. That monster 400mm is really not needed and will cause you to be the center of unwanted attention. NOTE! YOU MUST SUPPLY YOUR OWN TICKET OR ANNUAL PASS. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO BLACK OUT DATES. The parking lot for downtown disneyland is 3 hours or 5 hours with validation of eating at select eateries at Downtown Disney. Be prepared to pay for parking.

    Leader News & Updates

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  • Are We There Yet?

    Soon.. very soon we will meet at Downtown Disneyland in front of the Monorail station at 8:00AM. Bring your passes and tickets. Do not wait to buy your tickets at 8:00 AM because we cannot wait for you.

    Parking is the main parking lot and it will cost you 16.00 USD unless you have a premium pass or added parking. If you park in the downtown disney lot, it’s free for the first three hours with an extension if you eat or see a movie in downtown disney and validate the parking. After the three hours, it’s six dollars per hour.

    Saturday’s weather is to be 90 degrees!!! Bring a hat, long sleeves or whatever you want to wear to be comfortable and prevent sun burn. Wear good walking shoes. Bring sunglasses, much of the park is reflective and pretty bright during the day.

    We do not plan on riding the rides during the photowalk. With that said, I typically ride the monorail into the park and we have been able to catch a ride or two by splitting into a couple of groups near the end of the photowalk.

    I will not be staying all day but, I will be back at the park after 7PM for some night shooting and rides. If anyone is interested, let me know and maybe we can do an unofficial night time photowalk. Both parks are wonderful places to shoot at night. I’ve been having a lot of fun at DCA at night shooting on Paradise Pier and Car Land.

    Read my last posts about what camera gear is suggested.

    The nights have been dropping to the low 60s so at night a light jacket or sweater is in order.

  • Camera Equipment at Disneyland

    I’m adding this note about specific rules about gear and some observations of my own.

    Big lenses attract security’s attention. Especially if they are white and stand out. There is a policy of no lens longer than 7 inches. Enforcement is very fluid and spotty but I find I really dont need my 70-200 F2.8 at the park. I do at times bring a F4 70-250 cheap lens which looks cheap and doesnt attack too much attention.

    DSLRs are heavy and after 3-4 hours, you will get tired holding it. My DLSR set up for disney is a D700 and a 24-70 lens or a 50mm lens. Nothing more. I sometimes bring a flash but I find the pop up flash works just fine for fill light on portraits.

    Dont bring a big tripod on the photowalk. It’s not needed anywhere in the park in the morning. You can use one at night provided you keep out of the main traffic areas. I tend to use a ultra pod or the like and rest the camera on a wall or trash bin.

    Bring a spare battery and a spare flash card or two.

    The park can be VERY bright in the morning and some neutral density filters or a polarizer lens is very valuable at knocking down the intensity and glare.

    I use two bags, one sling bag for my camera bag and a small belly/belt bag for my sun glasses, spare cards and money.

    Put your money/wallet in the FRONT pocket where it’s less likely to be “borrowed” or fall out on a ride.

    Bring a hat.. the sun is intense in the AM and the afternoons can still be hot in Oct. SInce I said this, it means we will have rain ;)

    Good walking shoes. We will walk quite a bit in just a few hours

    Above all, bring a sense of humor and have FUN

  • Note for our Photowalk at Disneyland

    If you want to challenge yourself, use a camera you normally dont use. A case in point is to use your smartphone and see how far you can push it.

    Things to bring:

    a bit of cash for snacks
    extra flash cards
    extra battery (or in the case of a camera phone, a pocket charger)
    gaffers tape
    mini tripod (tiny!!! like a ultra pod)
    ND filters
    polarizer filter
    small flash
    tiny video light
    case for the phone so you can ride the wet rides and not worry
    bag for the DSLR for the reason above

    Most important of all, BRING YOUR TICKETS. We CANNOT wait for you to buy tickets on the morning of the walk.

    I might break the group up into two groups to hit Disney proper and California Adventure at the same time. We can discuss on the morning.

    If you can want to see both parks, you MUST HAVE A PARK HOPPER PASS.

    CHECK YOUR BLACKOUT DATES if you have an annual pass. It’s 100 dollars to get a day ticket to backfill the blackout day of an annual pass.


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