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Best Images of 2011 Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk

2011 Grand Prize Winner

Photo By Jaime Cesar Tibe
Surigao City, Caraga Philippines

“This shot makes me smile. As soon as I saw it, I smiled, and I’m still smiling. I love the composition and its sense of balance, and I think the post processing was spot on. I love the color all the around, and how the sky looks versus the water, and I particularly love the bubbles in the lower right corner from the last jumper. Just looks like a beautiful summer’s day, and a wonderful scene along the walk route, and it’s the kind of shot I see on places like 500px.com and think, “Wow, what a cool shot!” Great capture, moment, emotion, processing, and composition”
-Scott Kelby (at his blog)

2011 Honorable Mentions

Listed by location as sent to us.

Regina, SK Canada (Wascana Centre) By Kristin MacPherson
Magna, UT United States (Great Saltair) By Shyan Valentine
Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh Cambodia By Duy Pham
Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid España By Andres Mendez
Bucuresti, Bucuresti Romania By Eli Driu
Portsmouth, NH United States By Barbara Ingersoll
Nashville, TN United States By Ann Richardson
Harrisburg, PA United States (Downtown) By Kenny Kinter
Camden Town, England United Kingdom (Camden Market) By Arthur Lewis
Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Capital Federal Argentina By Adrian V


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