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2013 Grand Prize Winner

Photo By Raul Policarpio
Yau Ma Tei, Cowloon Hong Kong, China Photo Walk

“This is just such an intriguing image to me. Any of these images could have been chosen as the winner, but I found myself coming back to this one again and again. It really seems as though a very real, very simple, probably very routine moment of this shop keeper’s life was captured as turned to art as he went through his daily routine. The colors are normally vibrant, but appear muted here. I love how the lines in the trap intersect and play off the vertical lines on the wall below it, and the whole image seems like a small slice of a bigger story. There’s a beauty to this image that is very subtle and kept me coming back to it. It’s the kind of image I would loved to see framed, large, hanging on the wall of a gallery, and hopefully maybe one day it will be. Congratulations to the Raul for this wonderful capture.”
Scott Kelby (at his blog)

2013 Honorable Mentions

Listed by location as sent to us.

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