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2012 Best Photos

2012 Grand Prize Winner

Photo By Lars Anshelm
Lund, Skane lan Sverige

“This is my all-around favorite, and Grand Prize winner, because I simply fell in love with it. I could point to how the texture, color. lighting and composition are just absolutely spot on, but what I love is that I want to know more about this image.”
-Scott Kelby (at his blog)

2012 Honorable Mentions

Listed by location as sent to us.

Binmaley, Ilocos Philippines By Klienne Eco
Butuan City, Caraga Philippines By Allilie Carcasona
Doha, Ad Dawhah Qatar (Souq Waqif) By Eds Nuqui
Elkhart, IN United States By Ken Bair
Isfahan, Esfahan Iran By Mohammadmehdi Azarnoush
Kawit, Calabarzon Philippines By Mhellan Narciso
Logan, UT United States (USU Campus) By Pranab Banerjee
Oslo, Oslo Norge (Brynseng T-banestasjon) By Johan Conradson
Paramaribo, Par’bo Suriname
(Uitgaans centrum)
By Everts Aliredjo
Winchester, Winchester United Kingdom
(King Alfreds Statue)
By Ben Freer


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