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Uploading Contest Images

Photo Walk contest submissions will open on Sunday, July 25 and close July 31.

Here’s a short two-step walkthrough for submitting your best image to the Photo Walk contest.

Step 1) Go to WorldwidePhotoWalk.com and log in (look at the top right corner of the page)

Once you’re logged in, you’ll automatically go to your Photo Walk page.

Step 2) Once there, you’ll see a section called “Upload Your Photo” below the Meeting Location & Time (not today or tomorrow, but it’ll show up on Sunday):

Just follow the on-screen instructions and you’ll be good to go!

Each walker is allowed to submit one image to the contest.  The deadline to submit is July 31.  If you change your mind on which image you want to enter, you can change it up until the deadline.

After that, walk leaders will have till August 7 to choose the winning image from their walk.  They won’t be able to make a selection until after the submission process is finished.

All of those winning images will then be posted in the People’s Choice gallery where everyone can vote for their favorite shot during the following week.

Then, on August 14, we’ll announce the Grand Prize, Honorable Mentions, and People’s Choice winners.

So where does Flickr play into all of this?  Since this is a social event, we want you all to be able to share your images with the world! The contest we do here doesn’t really lend itself to that, so we’re suggesting that you share your shots on Flickr.

We’ve set up an official Worldwide Photo Walk Flickr group where anyone who takes part in the Photo Walk can share up to five images per day.  Your leader may have set up a Flickr group just for your location too.

Are you required to submit an image to the contest, or to share photos on Flickr? Absolutely not. If you just want to have fun taking pictures with fellow photographers and making new friends, then we’re all for that!

Hope that answers the questions a number of you had about this.  Happy Shooting! :)

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